Monday, January 12, 2015

01-07-15 to 01-12-15

So this week has been much less interesting but really good at the same time!  Wednesday was really spiritual.  We were in divisions a lot of this week, so I went out with Mejia Wednesday.  We had a lesson with the family of our less active Viviana and it was awesome because they NEVER listen.  But we taught the Plan of Salvation and they were really interested.  And at the end the mom said she'd come to church!  (and she actually did!) The other was with the daughter of our branch president Daniela.  The plan was to teach The Restoration but before we arrived at their house, I felt prompted to teach the Sabbath Day.  The lesson was so powerful, that me and Daniela cried.  But she still didn't come to church Sunday.  CURSE AGENCY.  Hahaha just kidding.  But no, it's frustrating.  I've also been really stressed about our investigators.  Which I guess is good because it means I actually love them haha but it sucks too.  I just want them to be HAPPY.  GRR.  Something interesting was a drunk came up to me asking me if I was God and could save him.  I just said I'm a missionary and he stumbled away.  Friday was interesting.  So that morning I had AWESOME study.  Lots of personal revelation and stuff.  So we've started talking to a lady, Gloria, who's investigating and she has WEIRD ideas.  She's a perfect example of Apostasy, because she doesn't believe in 1 church, she just worships God and Christ.  She told us she thinks we can all be prophets if we want.  So we have some work to do.  Our lesson was 2 hours long.  WOW.  Saturday was decent.  We met with Gloria again and answered a lot of her questions, and used the Book of Mormon to do so.  It was way cool honestly.  We're trying to get her to pray about the Book of Mormon to know it's true, because she's reading it, but she's literally so crazy she can't receive an answer.  She said she had a dream where a voice told her "deja religión, y siga su propia vida" which translates to "Leave religion and follow your own life."  It was honestly a "Wow Satan" moment.  So we're trying to get her to recognize the Spirit for real.  That night Viviana had cousins over and they're investigating!  New investigators are always good!  Yesterday was pretty normal.  Attendance was much better at sacrament meeting, and Viviana's mom came!  Gloria's interesting thought yesterday is she doesn't believe in Satan.  She thinks the devil and God are 1.  So yeah she's nuts.  But we're learning a lot teaching her so we'll keep coming back until she says something really REALLY weird haha.  So in our ward we have over 200 inactives on a list they gave us.  Yeah.  Freaking TON of inactives.  So we met with one yesterday who's been baptized for only like 3 months and they're super nice!  Their names are Ana and Johana.  Also I have a second favorite dog after Yankee. He's this big old dog named Ruffles and he just strolls into the house of our Branch president uninvited and refused to leave without food.  He's my hero.  It's happened 4 or 5 times while I've been in their house and that's just while I'm there.  So its pretty common haha.  Anyway yeah, that's my week.  Not much going on right now.  Just working hard to find nuevo investigadores! 
Les amo! 

Elder Welch

From Jake: "I uploaded my photos today and also a sound file of me singing Nearer My God to Thee in Spanish this morning!  Thought you might enjoy it :)"

 This is one of the paper mache people they burn on New Years

 I asked if that shirt came clean and he said he 
hasn't even tried to clean it and
"I'm gonna wash this shirt myself just so they don't waste their time" 
(meaning the sister who does their wash, haha)

 After Carnaval

Funny thing: I noticed they have no furniture.
I know. Shouldn't I be distracted enough by the chalk covered boy to not 
notice things like that?...He said, "Yeah I wish we had a couch but the empty space makes for some rad guitar acoustics ;)"

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