Monday, January 26, 2015

01-20-15 to 01-26-15

Interesting week.  So Tuesday we talked to an other catholic woman named Lucia.  She was willing to listen but said she doesn't want any "commitments" so we'll see how she goes hahaha.  We did some contacting, then we went to the house of Nel, our golden investigator we're excited about and she expressed her sadness over her aunt who  just died which is too bad.  After talking for a while she said "I'm sorry, I can't listen to you guys anymore."  My heart dropped.  So we spent sometime talking, asking, bearing testimony and she decided to continue with us.  She wants to listen but has a lot going on in her life so its just hard on her.  So we're gonna try and help out.  Wednesday, we had service again, on the same house where we laid the foundation the first time, but this time the 2nd floor!  everything is concrete here haha.  Thursday was great!  We had a lesson with some new investigators, and they're awesome!  Only thing is, the husband is really into his local church called "Minuto de Dios" (minute of god) and he really, really believes in it so he doesn't wanna read the Book of Mormon,  pfff.  Later that day, we had a great lesson on the Gospel of Christ with Luis and Viviana, then we taught the Sabbath Day to the fam of Gyovani.  It was great!  Buuut they weren't at church so they just don't get it!  They need faith or something!  Friday was a LOT slower.  Solorio had baptismal interviews and since it was Friday, no one was home.  So Saturday we had a great lesson with a new family we contacted!  The 13 boy is SUPER interested, the mom loves it and how its helping her son, and the mom even called her friend over to listen!   It was awesome!  Something we like to do that's awesome, is we have them ask ANY question they've had about life, the gospel, etc and we answer it the next lesson with the Book of Mormon.  Its so cool that I know I have EVERY answer.  And that I can trust in the Book of Mormon like that!  Sunday was honestly pretty crappy.  Once again, 0 of our 23 investigators came to church.  Its really hard because everyone works Sundays here, and a lot are really poor and need the work.  And no one has enough faith to sacrifice that.  Ugh.  And something else hard is after church, we called Nel to set an appointment, and she said again, she cant listen.  So we said "ok.  We encourage you to still read the BoM and pray and search for yourself," and she said alright.  So yeah, my first investigator to leave us and she was the one with most potential.  Good news is I must really be learning to love my investigators because I wanted to cry haha.  But later that night we talked with Raul, the member who is the security in the neighborhood of Nel, and he said she's actually REALLY interested but her husband won't allow it.  So I felt a bit better knowing its not her haha but DANG HER HUSBAND.  So what can we do?  Just wait, pray, and maybe get Mejia to talk some sense into her husband haha.  Today we went to Las Lajas again, but with the whole zone!  It was super fun, and this time we went to the museum.  The father was in the chapel for confessions and I was super tempted to confess  my sins but I didn't haha.  I also drank from the "holy river" that can "forgive you of your sins" just to say I did.   Hahaha so much apostasy.  We had fun.  SO YEAH.   cool  week!  I said it before, and I say it again.  I love letters, so if you're reading this, its a personal call to shoot a letter my way!  Love you all!  The mission is cool! Remember God loves you!  The Church is true!

Elder Welch
If you're heeding the call ;) here's a reminder of his address (so far he's received everything we've sent...eventually):

Elder Jake Terry Welch
Colombia Cali Mission
Avenida 2 Oeste #10-130 Oficina 201
Edificio Tempo-Barrio Santa Rita
Cali Valle del Cauca

*Get an International Stamp from the post office.  As of January 2015, to mail a letter of normal size and weight, it costs $1.15.  It doesn't hurt to put some Catholic looking Mary and/or Jesus stickers on the back of the envelope.

 I sure hope that's clean...

 Living on the edge...literally 
(My first thought was, "get down from there!", haha)

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