Monday, February 2, 2015

01-27-15 to 02-02-15

Amazing week!  Wow, January sure flew by!  Let's start with Tuesday.  Tuesday we had lunch with our new investigators, Family León, and they're super cool!  After lunch, we taught the daughter Sugeydee the restoration, and she was really receptive!  This family will baptize really fast I feel.  After that, we talked with these women in their store named Yorl and Mil.  We taught them the restoration and they really got it!  Since we have so many new investigators, we're getting really good at teaching lesson 1 hahaha.  Wednesday was a good day but also had a let down or 2.  So we taught a lady named Ros, and she's AWESOME.  She completely believes all we teach and is really interested and is willing to change anything for God.  But she also works in a restaurant so every once in a while someone would interrupt the lesson because they wanted a coffee haha.  But she's so great, she's Golden!  Thursday was awesome too!  First lesson we had was a contact we got, and after talking for a bit, turns out she's a member!  She baptized when she was 10, had a bad experience with some unfaithful members in the church and decided to never go back.  But she's super nice and we explained the importance of the sacrament to her.  After that we visited Cristian, the son in family Leon, and we repassed Joseph Smith.  He's sooo interested!  We met again with Ros to finish the Restoration and the Spirit was sooo strong.  Her store was closed this time so it was really peaceful.  She can recognize the Spirit so well.  Before we went home that night, we gave a short lesson to The Chilunguai family, and committed them to come to church Sunday, which they DID!  WOO!  Finally we can say they're progressing!  Friday we got up at 4:30am to go to the terminal, because we had interviews with President Pricoli in Pasto!  We got in Pasto at about 8:30 and interviewed with Sister Pricoli (who is so sweet.  like a mother) the assistants, Elder Lyle and Elder Walker about planning, and the President!  What we like to do before our interviews with president is think of a really good question, because he's super wise.  I learned a lot from him that day!  Love that man.  I also personally asked him about having a guitar just to settle any questions and his response was "the mission handbook says you can't bring a guitar but it doesn't say you can't buy one".  haha!  Love the president.  That night we had a little FHE with Karen and Diego.  Sure love them.  Favorite mission fam haha.  That night, us 4 Elders gathered in my room and we talked about Patriarchal Blessings.  They're so special, I encourage all of you that have one to pass over it again.  I feel the Spirit so strong every time, and every time something new stands out!  Saturday morning we got a call from Elder Lyle.  We had an emergency transfer, and Elder Mejia had 2 hours to pack and be at the terminal.  So that sucks.  Never thought I'd say it, but I was sad to say bye to Mejia.  I've come to love the sucker, and he was kinda like my trainer. Weird.  The rest of the day was pretty slow,  Sunday morning we went to the houses of investigators to try and get more people to church and no one was home.  DANG IT.  But Family Chilunguai came which is huge!  This Sunday was stake conference, but after about 10 min. a member asked us to give him a blessing because he didn't feel good.  So we blessed him, and when we walked out, we met some investigators who came to attend church and wanted to know more because they wanted to change their lives.  The man Y. had a really really life of drugs, gangs and he even served 6 years for a murder and the wife had been in gangs too and had a TON of hardships, and they both showed extreme desire to change, make things right with God, and make a better life for their 2 little boys.  So we talked for a really long time in the room with the Baptismal font, and shared a message of the atonement from Alma 36. They both said that was written for them and they were crying.  I have never seen more faith and humility in all my mission, it was a very very spiritual experience.  One of the sons was crying and I asked why.  He said he was hungry and the parents said they didn't have money to buy food.  So us missionaries went and bought them bread and brought it back to them.  When we got back, they interviewed with the Bishop who agreed to help them with the finances and to learn the Gospel.  It was so beautiful to see the hope in their eyes.  And I'll never forget the smiles of those little boys when they pulled the big pieces of bread out of the bag.  Charity is the pure love of Christ.  I know because of their humility and desire to change, God with bless them SO much.  Later that day we met with a man named H. and his wife, and they're so golden as well!  His kids are all drug addicts and he just wants to help his family and he also said our teachings all make a ton of sense.  It was awesome.  On our way home, we saw Yankee digging in some garbage so we called him, and when he was about to leave, another dog attacked him!  So we grabbed rocks and threw them at the other dog and Yankee got away!  So we had him follow us to our apartment, and I ran up and got him some bread!  Good ol' Yankee.  He wanted to come in to our apartment but we can't let him so I felt a bit bad.  But we helped out our buddy so all is good!  So yeah, great week!  Tonight we meet with Ros and we're gonna invite her to be baptized!  WOO!  The mission is so great!  I have so much satisfaction right now because I'm working so hard.  This Sunday we find out the transfers, and I hope I don't go to be honest.  So we'll see next Monday where I'll be going!  Love you all! 

Elder Welch

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