Monday, February 23, 2015

02-16-15 to 02-23-15

This week has  been super slow, but this weekend has been awesome!  So Tuesday we searched all day and NO one was home.  We used our plan As, Bs, and Cs.  At 7:30 we finally had our set appointment with H and Mag.  We brought a member, which was a mistake because she likes to talk a lot.  And as a result taught them some false doctrines.  But we cleared it up and also, luckily for us, H and Mag are super faithful and are gonna baptize no matter what.  They're literally SO prepared by the Lord, we don't hardly have to do anything!  Wednesday, we only found 1 lesson with a new investigator, as well around 7 O Clock.  He's super catholic and has lots of doubts but he agreed to read the Book of Mormon so i'm not worried.  Thursday, for whatever reason, was WAY good!  We met with some of our investigators, Yor and Mil, whom we haven't visited for almost a month due to their work schedule, and it was way cool!  We taught the Plan of Salvation, and they had a billion super good questions!  Afterwards, we met with Viviana, the less active who wants to serve a mission.  We taught the 10 commandments and actually helped her understand some things she didnt know which was cool!  Friday was interesting.  So that morning, the zone leaders showed up and said we were doing a "division sandwich".  In other words, Me with Bello, Killpack with Inman, and Rojas with Solorio.  So all day i was with Bello!  It was an alright day but the highlight was when we had branch counsel that night.  Rojas was there with us and he's famous in the mission for completely changing his old area.  He doubled the attendance in his ward and got it running smooth.  So we were super excited for him to "pass the saw" (a saying we use here that means he's calling them out hardcore).  It was awesome, he spoke so much and got the branch to make assignments and to make a plan to change the branch.  MUCHO ROJAS.  Friday was very very interesting and a bit sad.  So we contacted a lot which was cool, but didnt get an appointment until 5.  We were with Ros, and one of the first things she said was that she saw my recent convert, drinking beer with buddies.  Noooooo.  So that was a bummer to hear.  So we started to teach Ros the law of chastity, but due to the Spirit we changed to the Atonement, and why we have afflictions.  It was super spiritual.  Afterwards, i felt the need to pass by my recent converts house.  We also had a package of stuff for him from the branch so we stopped by and he answered the door drunk with a cigarette in his hand.  That was hard to see.  He just kept saying " oh hermanos, estoy mal estoy mal" which just means " oh brothers, im bad.  im bad."  i just said that we'd pass by during the week and we left.  I couldnt help by cry on our way to the next appointment.  It was hard to see.  Something interesting was our next appointment were some new investigators, a young couple and their kids, that Rojas and Solorio taught Thursday.  But when we got there, there was a notice on their door.  THE HUSBAND DIED THAT NIGHT.  I heard he was only like 24 but had some sort of accident, but Solorio didnt think he looked close to death or anything!  So yeah, one of my investigators died. It's sad but slightly crazy ironic at the same time.  But wow weird... our last appointment was with family Chilunguai.  We talked a bit about faith and asked about baptism again.  But they just arent reading and wont except the date not even as a goal.  Its honestly super annoying.  They refuse to progress.  So we might have to drop them for a while and write them down in our "future investigators" form for future missionaries.  Sunday was incredible.  I had the craziest experience thus far in my mission.  So church was good and H and Mag came of course.  After church we got 4 new investigators named family Morales.  It was cool, and we set them all baptismal dates!  But the real experience was with a woman we met named Mir.  So before lunch at our pensionista, a woman across called to us and said she wanted to talk to us about the Gospel and learn about the Church.  So we passed by last night to meet her.  It's just she and her son Wil.  She told us about how she has lots of health issues and how it's been a huge challenge in her life.  She has seizures, leg muscle growth issues, and something in her brain that gives her a hard time with reading, stress, the cold and lots of that.  She told us how she even used to have MLS and was in the hospital super sick a couple years ago.  Her experience is.. amazing honestly. So she died in the hospital and the only thing keeping her even somewhat there with a heart beat was the oxygen she was on.  But she said when she died, she had 3 angels come down and start to take her up.  She explained how they were normal looking, in shirts and ties.  Nothing like what other churches have explained.  She asked if she was going to heaven and they said "no, you're going to Paradise."  Woah.  She explained how Paradise is a place incredibly beautiful with butterflies, joy, rest, and peace and she said she didnt feel any hunger, pain, or exhaustion.  She told us how the angels taught her very clearly about paradise and spirit prison.  She also said that Christ spoke with her, and said that he'd give her a second opportunity to life, but she'd have to share her testimony of these things with all the world.  Then she woke up.  She had been near dead for 15 days.  She explained how she doesnt understand what Christ told her, but she's had him tell her that in dreams since then and what really gets me, is that she said 2 of the 3 angels that lifted her up and taught her are Solorio and I.  That's why she called to us when she saw us.  I felt the spirit SO strong when she told us all this.  I know she's telling the truth.  We taught a bit about Paradise and showed how her experience is exactly what we teach.  It was amazing and a true miracle.  So we're gonna go talk again tonight with her!  Due to her disease, she's almost always home.  But we're gonna teach her, and try and help her understand her experience.  But that is definitely the highlight experience of my mish thus far.  Today the only real cool thing that happened is i bought a cool indigenous flute for about 9 bucks.  Haha so im gonna learn the flute.  So yeah, theres my week.  Love you all!

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