Monday, March 2, 2015

02-23-15 to 03-02-15

This has been an incredibly slow week.  Monday night we went and visited Mir and just talked forever!  Before she was super sick, she was a chef and she studied with people from the states, so she said for my Birthday she wants to make me real American hamburgers and an American styled salad.  (we dont eat salad of lettuce here.  who knows why).  Tuesday was a zone conference in Pasto.  We woke up at 3:45am to be at the terminal by 4:30am to be ready to leave by 5:00am to be in Pasto by 8:00am.  So yeah, we were tired haha.  It was a cool conference, we all studied the 10 Commandments in detail with the president, watched Meet the Mormons in Spanish and practiced teaching the Preach My Gospel lessons more affectively!  I learned a ton, and got my birthday packages WEEE!  We got home by 5, and went and visited H and Mag.  We shared a cool article from the October 2014 Liahona about why we have afflictions and how the scriptures and patience can help.  They're doing so great, they have almost all the lessons, are studying the scriptures and Liahonas, and are being baptized the 7th, day after my birthday!  WOO happy birthday to me!!!!  Wednesday we met with Ros.  We taught the Gospel of Christ so we could talk about baptism with her, because if she wouldnt attend church that sunday, we can't baptize her this transfer due to our 3 attendances rule.  Well she told us that because of all her debts with the restaurant, she NEEDS to work Sundays until it's payed.  so that sucks.  I probably won't see her baptism.  That night we went with Mir and her son Wil, and she told us how us being with her gives her so much joy, and that we're her "medicina espiritual" or "spiritual medicine."  She also made us popcorn.  YA!  Thursday was a bummer.  The days earlier in the week i was getting a sort of runny nose, so i was afraid of getting sick.  Well Thursday i woke up sick.  GO figure!!!   So with a stuffy nose, painful throat, heavy cough and sneezes and a fuzzy head, i stayed in bed that day.  I did get to watch all my church movies which was cool.  I love the Restoration Joseph Smith movie.  Between the Doctrine and Covenants films, the teachings of Joseph Smith book and the book Our Heritage, I've been studying Joseph Smith a LOT lately.  He was definitely a man of God, and a true prophet.  They say that Joseph Smith has done more for our eternal salvation than any man save it be the Savior himself.  POWER.  Friday i decided i couldn't sit still any longer, and though i still felt sick, we went out and worked.  We were with our branch mission leader for a while marking members in the ward we can visit, actives and less actives, to strengthen.  Then that night we went and taught Ros tithing.  We explained how though tithing seems to hard to pay, especially in times of financial difficulty, it can actually bless us economically!  That night we went and helped Mir with some seamstress stuff (that's her job) and then we went with H and Mag to teach them the law of chastity.  As usual, they understood completely and loved the idea of the commandment.  They're super excited to baptize.  I obviously am too haha.  Saturday we helped Mir move her ENTIRE kitchen from upstairs to downstairs.  It was a pretty cool day for service.  That night we went to a baptism of some missionaries in the zone and I played the piano for the service.  Elder Green, the Elder with the baptism gave me an English hymn book to play If You Could High to Kolob.  While waiting for the girl who was baptized to change, i played some of the Patriotic hymns from the back. It was one of my prouder patriot moments hahaha.  Yesterday at church was REALLY interesting.  So Mir and Wil came with us and it went really well.  i was grateful it was fast sunday so they could hear the testimonies.  But during Sunday school, i looked over and Mir had her eyes closed, with tears running down her face, and Wil had her hand in his.  He said "we need to carry her outside for some air".  I guess she went paralyzed... so we carried her outside and she came back to her senses.  she told us "this is my disease.  Doctors can't explain it.  In moments of stress, hot temperatures, or strain, i go into a state of paralyses for about 10 minutes.  This is why i don't like to leave the house."  She said it doesn't hurt but it makes her really weak.  So we walked her to the apartment of her ex husband about a block from the house.  If she comes to church again, it'll have to only be for Sacrament Meeting.  But i don't know how we can baptize her.  But if the priesthood can heal people in times of old, or in times of the pioneers, why can't I heal her now?  We'll see what happens.  That was an interesting Sunday... haha.  Today as a zone we all had a cook out and had a field day.  It was super fun.  The mission is so great.  This week we're gonna work really hard with Mir, Wil, H and Mag.  Also my birthday is Friday!  Yayy!  Love you all! 
Elder Welch

*Jake also lost a dear friend this week and I had to tell him about it through an email. Along with love and concern for the family this was part of his response. I love his faith:

" I feel alright don't worry, I understand a LOT about where he is now and I honestly know that he's in a wonderful place of rest and joy."

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