Monday, March 23, 2015

03-16-15 to 03-23-15 Last Week in Ipiales!

Yup!  Transfers came!  I've been assigned to the San Fernando zone in Cali. I've been assigned to be district leader, and senior companion to Elder Ortiz from Bogotà who has 9 months.  So needless to say, I'm a bit stressed haha.  But It's cool!  I leave tomorrow, Tuesday at 8am.  Nice thing is Solorio and I are leaving together because he's going to Cali to pick up his companion who he's training! 

I'll start with This last monday.  After writing home, we went with family Cordova for our FHE and taught a message on eternal families.  I could see they were really deep in thought during that lesson which is cool. 

Tuesday was quite interesting!  We went in divisions with the whole zone.  Me with Elder T. on the frontera, his companion Elder Green with Elder Bello, Elder Killpack with Elder Inman, and Elder Rojas with Elder Solorio.  I was super nervous because before Elder Green, Elder T. was SUPER disobedient.  He had a cellphone and never worked. But Green whipped him into shape, and we had a really good spiritual day!  I was pleasantly surprised!  

Wednesday morning T. and I went to one appointment then we went to end divisions.  That morning it rained pretty hard, and it hasnt stopped since haha but we went to the very edge of the border with Ecuador in a really pretty place.  It was way cool.  But yeah that day we tried something Solorio learned from Rojas where we just teach fast half an hour or less simple lessons instead of teaching long ones and its been way effective!  We've had wayy more lessons each day, people invite us back sooner, and its easier for them to understand.  It's been way cool! 

Thursday was pretty normal.  One of the recent convert less actives we found asked us how to know the Book of Mormon was true was I was pretty bugged with the missionaries that baptized her that day. 

Friday it POURED.  I was absolutely soaked most the day haha.  That day we had mission coordination and the new branch pres came and we had an almost 2 hour meeting putting together a branch mission plan!  it was wayy awesome, and im super excited to see where the branch goes this year!  Even though i wont see it haha.  That night i saw a drunk guy in street get attacked by 3 dogs and he fought them off with his belt so that was fun haha. 

Saturday we had 6 lessons which was nuts!   That morning after lunch, we went to the house of H and Mag to start a fast with them for their wayward sons.  It was way awesome, i sure love them!  Besides that it was a pretty normal day.  That day a group of girls walked by making smooching noises, hissing and saying "mono mono!" I took that as a sign that Im going to Cali and here i go hahaha. (I don't know what "mono mono"means but I'm is guessing some sort of compliment, haha-Wendy

Sunday was way good!  Ros came to church!  The day ive been waiting for!  She's so great, shes just like an aunt to me.  Also we helped Mag pay her first fast offering for the fast we did.  I was so proud!  Besides that Sunday was also pretty average.  Transfers came that night, and I stayed up packing because i was too nervous to sleep haha. 

SO there's my letter!  Next one you all get will be sent from Cali!  WOOP!  Pray for me and wish me luck!  Love you all! 
Con Amor, Elder Welch

In my personal letter, he told me that San Fernando is one of the safer parts of Cali so that makes this mom happy :) He's also really nervous about this new companionship and being a District Leader so keep him in your prayers.


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