Tuesday, March 17, 2015

03-09-15 to 03-15-15

Pretty decent week.  Monday night we went and taught a new investigator named N.  We contacted her and her husband a while ago but it was pretty awkward because they were in a fight, and on the brink of divorce.  WOOPS.  But all is good now so we can work with them together now and strengthen their marriage.  Yay for the Gospel!  Tuesday one of the traveling missionaries, Elder Walker came!  It was way cool!  The traveling missionaries are something Pres. Pricoli is trying this transfer, where he gets a companionship of 2 amazing missionaries, and has them travel to all the zones in the mission to go in divisions with the missionaries.  Elder Walker was the last AP so it was a way cool learning experience!  The highlights of that day besides TONS of appointments were when we taught the 2 kids we teach in the minutes store.  The girl said she felt the Spirit while reading the Book of Mormon.  It was as cool day though, I learned lots from Elder Walker, like its really powerful to quote memorized scriptures in lessons, and to speak with a lot of faith when setting appointments and talking about baptism.  Wednesday returned to a normal day, and because we exhausted all our best appointments Tuesday to have a productive day with Elder Walker, it was pretty slow.  We dropped him off at the terminal early that morning and that day we only found 2 appointments, 1 with Ros and 1 with our new investigator, N.  Ros told us she hasn't been working Sundays and she wants to come to church with us, and she said to prove that she'd go, she'd meet us there but she didn't come.  UGH.  With N. we tried teaching the Restoration, but we got up to the part with Joseph Smith, and her husband came with divorce papers.  Woooah.  So we left.  Thankfully they must've talked it over because they're good now.  Thursday was slow but felt productive because of that night.  We met with a new family that we met because one of the girls is the sister of N's husband.  It was a family of 6, and they have a family member that's a member in the church.  It was a way spiritual lesson and we set them all to be baptized.  But none came to church which blows.  But it was a way good night with them.  Friday was pretty cool.  That morning we went to the house of the zone leaders to have some baptismal forms signed, then we left together and contacted in the street on the way to lunch.  Elder Rojas and Inman are nuts haha they have a technique where they walk up to people and ask "when is your date?  Your baptismal date?  We're preparing a service to baptize you, can we visit with you?"  Its pretty fun to see their faces.  It actually worked which is also hilarious!  Saturday was great, and we didn't even have that many appointments!  We focused all day on finding inactive recent converts and actually had some really spiritual lessons.  We like to ask less actives what feelings they remember of their baptism, and tell them that if they can keep the commandments they can keep that feeling with them.  We find that reminding people of the good feelings they have from the Church rather then just telling them how awful they are is more affective haha.  Sunday was slow and kind of a bummer.  None of our investigators came to church and we walked for 4 hours after church and couldn't find anyone to teach.  But I got to take the Sacrament which was way nice.  I've come to appreciate the Sacrament so much more on my mission.  But yeah, that's my week.  This next Monday might be my last Monday in Ipiales because transfers come the 22!  If i go, that means I'll go somewhere more dangerous because I'm in the safest place in the mission right now hahaha.  But no where ever I go is where the Lord wants me.  "I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord"

Elder Welch

These are some answers he wrote to my letter:
About the soldiers:  yes we see a TON.  Mostly because Ipíales has a huge military base haha but they walk around in the streets with machine guns.  I don't know why, there's not one red zone in Ipiales haha but around Ipiales there's lots of guerilla in the towns.  Some of the most dangerous parts in Colombia.  A town  nearby called Cumbal had missionaries, but they took them out when a missionary disappeared there.  Now its full of guerilla.  Sketchy!  I hear other places are worse though.  Killpack was in a town called Palmyra and he saw armored cars  going into red zones and heard lots of gun fire.  Yay!

Answering the question about Mir (she's the one that saw Elder Welch and his companion in a dream and has a lot of health issues):

Elder Welch: She's been fine.  We haven't visited her that much lately though.  Its a hard situation because we lose so much time going there because she is a TALKER let me tell you what.  We can't get lessons in because she talks and talks and talks.  I also get the gist she doesn't wanna progress in the Church very much... so idk what to do.   

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