Monday, March 9, 2015

03-02-15 to 03-09-15

This week was pretty great!  Monday night we made some new investigators. They're honestly way rich, their house is even nice for the United States.  Not exactly large, but very clean, decorated modern and, well, rich.  The dad REALLY knows his bible.  Because of that, he prayed in the Name of Jesus Christ which is nice.  But i think they're a bit skeptical.  What ever, they have the invitation.  Read, meditate, and pray with faith.  It's simple, but it is the way.  Tuesday was pretty typical.  We went to one of the neighborhoods in my area that i didn't know existed called San Vicente and tried to find some old investigators we found in the area book.  It's a pretty cool area.  That night we went to the house of our recent convert and talked to him about the word of wisdom.  He told us he isn't addicted to drinking or smoking but claims its just peer pressure from his coworkers.  I think that's a lie though, because if it were just peer pressure i don't think he'd be walking around alone smoking.  He said he wants a priesthood blessing but he wants to prepare to receive it first.  What ever he wants, we explained how blessings are for everyone, not just the worthy but he insisted in preparation.  After we stopped by H and Mag to teach them their last lesson, tithing.  Of course, they automatically asked how they could pay tithing because they want to follow all the commandments.  They were sooo ready to baptize, i was so excited!  Wednesday was rough.  We had several set appointments in San Vicente, and when we arrived to their houses, not ONE was home.  That really bothers me about Ipiales honestly, commitments do NOT matter here, and people are rarely in their houses.  Elder Killpack who served in Palmyra before said people are always home there.  So the only thing we got Wednesday is we went with Wil to the English class at the church that night.  He wants to go back so that's cool.  Thursday was great!  We had lots of appointments!  We tried stopping by the house of the wife of our new investigator who died but she wasn't home.  So we went to lunch and after stopped by a "minutes" store that we contacted once.  They agreed to listen and shut the door for the lesson which was way nice honestly.  They seemed to be very interested and we set another appointment.  After we stopped by some less actives and then we visited lots of other people to set appointments.  It felt nice and productive.  Friday WAS MY BIRTHDAY.  It was honestly a pretty quiet normal day but it was nice.  For lunch we went to Mir's and she made me a burger (He said it was bunless though. I guess they don't have buns in Colombia) and a delicious fruit salad, and mashed potatoes.  She's a WIZARD at cooking, it was way good.  We hung out and chatted for a while, then went to a family's house and chatted with the Hermana M. for a long while.  After we went to the house of the lady who's husband died again and she was home this time.  It was pretty sad to hear her story.  She's only 22 years old and her husband as well was very young.  I think he died in a fire fighter related accident because he was a volunteer fire fighter.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation and explained how she has the chance to live with her husband again and forever.  It was a way nice lesson.  She told us she wants to listen to us more and become closer to God.  It was way nice.  That night, my comps bought me ice cream which was dope haha.  We pigged out.  Saturday was great as well!  We had a zone meeting and I got new Spanish scriptures that i bought that are leather.  Afterwards we stopped by the music store and i bought a nicer quena (the Indian flute I'm learning) and i haggled her down 2000 pesos.  She was difficult to haggle with, she didn't even care it was my birthday!  That day we searched all day and literally no one was home again so that's a bummer but it was MAG'S BAPTISM!!   It was a nice service, and Elder Paskett had 3 baptisms too.  Thank goodness because the ward is wayyyy good.  They had testimonies from the presidencies, cake, a musical number EVERYTHING.  The ward made it really special and were really good to Hermana Mag.  It was way good too for H to see because now he's super excited for his baptism and is doing all he can to baptize.  Another plus was their son came with his girlfriend!  He has a good new girlfriend who i think is good for him.  Mag was so happy it was wonderful!  Sunday I got to stand in to confirm her which was great.  Nothing compares to the look in a confirmed person's eyes.  The other good news is after 2 months, WE FINALLY GOT A NEW BRANCH PRESIDENT!  He's a 23 year old returned missionary named President Villota, but he's way good and he's gonna smack some things into shape around here.  We're stoked!  That night we stopped by and visited Ros. Apparently we haven't passed by in 11 days so we felt pretty bad.  Worrying about H and Mag has been occupying our days.  We apologized and of course Ros is great and was fine with it.  We asked her if she opened her store and she told us "no, I cant do it.  I didn't last week either.  Your words just won't leave my mind."  That was excellent news honestly.  She's coming to church with us this week!  TESTIMONY IS POWERFUL.  A bummer is that when she told us she couldn't come to church and prayed that night for a miracle to get her to church.  And she didn't work!  We just didn't call to invite again!  So i learned if I'm gonna pray for a miracle, i better do all I can to make it happen.  But she's keeping the Sabbath day holy now!  So much faith in Ros.  So that's about it.  Today we've just lounged around and relaxed.  Love you all! 

Elder Welch


The little robot his sister sent him for his birthday :)

Looks like Elder Killpack is taking up the quena as well :)

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