Monday, April 20, 2015

04-13-15 to 04-20-15 BEE Missionaries

So this week has felt like a big learning/changing/bettering kinda week.  So Ill just start from Monday haha.  Well we didnt do much Monday, but Tuesday Elder Rojas came to Jamundi!  Since he's now a traveling missionary, he was joining me and Ortiz for the day!  It was way cool!  He honestly kinda called us out because we've honestly not being doing so well lately.  Both of us being rather new, we havent really known what to do.  But Rojas taught us a new way of planning with plans A B and C EVERY HOUR without fail!  Its so much more affective!  We also learned how to contact better, how to ask references from members and how to do everything faster, simpler and more powerful.  It was way cool!  ALSO HE BROUGHT GOOD NEWS FROM IPIALES!  H. passed his interview and is being baptized this month!  I'm SO SO SO happy! 

Wednesday felt good to put into practice what Rojas taught.  We asked for lots of references and set up an FHE with Abner and he's inviting 8 people for us to take their references!  We're doing that tonight :D we're pretty excited about that.  I also found out Abner's been stalking my whole family on facebook (he speaks fluent English) it's pretty funny how much he already knows about me...for all i know he's reading this now!  Haha! 

Thursday I went to Santander with Bautista.  It was kind of a rough day to find people home.  None of the people we planned to visit were home besides one less active, but we're gonna start working with him every Thursday when we head over there.  There's a bridge on the road to Santander we always go over, and that area must be pretty hot with guerilla because it's super fortified!  And i heard machine gun fire when we past!  But something crazy is the guerilla shot and killed 5 soldiers about an hour from Jamundi the other day!  It's been getting kinda sketchy here lately, I've been seeing lots of Helicopters, hearing gun shots and i saw the SWAT team yesterday!  (eating slushies called Cholados here hahaha).  But I've heard the military is trying to take over the President of Colombia so i hope that doesnt turn to crap haha. 

Friday we had interviews with the president!  We talked about the new initiative we have in the mission called BEE missionaries, which stands for Buscar Enseñar Edificar which means search, teach, edify.  The point is to make us work more efficient and part of it, is if an investigator doesnt keep the first commitment, or doesnt attend church (for no good reason) we need to drop them.  So the assistants had us go through our investigators and we ended with 0.  which sucks.  but i can see its going to make things more efficient with our time.  We are on the Lord's time after all.  But with President, all went well!  I like to ask him hard doctrinal questions haha.  This time around I asked where the black race started (an investigator asked me that) and how Adam baptized himself.  He told me some pretty good answers that blew my mind.  But It was a good time. 

Saturday i got to talk with CHRIS RUIZ!  We left at 10:00am to be at the office by 12  and wow was that a chore to make it there.  Our bus knocked the dang mirror off a taxi, and i guess in Colombia if you get in any type of accident, you just stop right where you are and dont move.  So between the bus and the taxi, the whole road was blocked and backed up forever and the police had to come and check it out and everything.  It was a joke, and set us back an hour!  But we finally got there!  It was so nice to see Chris!  a piece of home for a bit :') haha.  He brought the package FULL OF CHOCOLATE, SALMON, A SHIRT AND JESUS THE CHRIST (the book) I was so happy!  But yeah we chatted a bit.  Not too long due to time but it was cool :)  But yeah that was a nice highlight. 

Sunday was a great day as well!  So i attempted to make crepes for the first time in the mission for lunch and it didnt really work out.  The pans we have are awful and we have an electric stove so it kept sticking and didnt cook right.  oh well!  That night as missionaries, we set an appointment with the Bishop in an effort to gain confidence with him and to show we wanna help.  And it was way good!  Once he saw we were trying to help, he asked suggestions, we made plans and now we're gonna make a new ward mission plan, call ward missionaries, and we're gonna pump up the ward for missionary work by talking in Sacrament on Sunday!  We're so excited!  Today we went to the funny taxi drive member named Alirio's house for lunch for Bautista's birthday and ate cake.  it was nice.  but yeah, there's my week!  We're super excited, and hopefully we can start getting real busy here soon!  BEE MISSIONARIES!  Love you all!

Elder Welch

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