Tuesday, April 28, 2015

04-20-15 to 04-27-15 Lots of strange folk!‏

So Monday was rough because our huge FHE with Abner fell through due to super hard rains but we had a little one with Abner's fam so it was cool :)  Abner read a verse in the Book of Mormon that said they "fought like dragons" so he was hung up on the existence of dragons haha it was hilarious. 

Tuesday was way great! The zone leader Elder Romero came in divisions with me in Jamundi and i got to know him better.  He's a super humble dude and it was cool, i enjoyed working with him.  It was kind of a bummer because out of all our plan As Bs Cs and Ds we had EVERY HOUR we had 2 visits of about 10 minutes each.  So needless to say my feet hurt.  But it was a really good day.  Something interesting is i met an old woman when we knocked her door and she kept going off about how she feels sad for dying soldiers, and another old woman came to the door and asked for stomach meds!  What the heck!  But we took the reference so whatever! 

Wednesday we had MUCH more success!  Elder Ortiz and I decided to try something new where we count how many people reject us and how many accept us when street contacting.  We got quite a few rejections but we just remember the life of Christ and feel like real servants of Him.  We talked with a new investigator we contacted with Romero named Jose and he's a chill dude!  But something interesting is when we talked about Adam and Eve he said he thinks the "forbidden fruit" is sex!  What the heck?  that makes no sense!  But he said he really wants to change and be closer to God so he's a cool guy!  That night we had a meeting with the Bishop and our ward mission leader and he told us he was impressed with our willingness to work and was impressed with our initiative!  It was cool!  So i think things are gonna turn around here in Jamundi! 

Thursday was decent.  We went and talked with the weird old ladies and i guess the one who asked for stomach meds is crazy with age so she kept asking us the whole lesson for the date, where we were from and she asked us weird math problems like "how many times is 4 in 16?"  it was a riot! 

Friday was alright.  We searched out lots of inactives and found most of them but a lot go to other churches!  Makes me sad that they've lost their testimonies. 

Saturday was GREAT!  We got 7 new investigators!  the first family consists of almost all girls besides the dad who was cooking stuff.  We just taught the 3 daughters the plan of salvation but I'm not sure how much they got out of it.  The sketchy thing is the 15 year old girl is a huge snake!  She kept saying "give me your eyes" and when we asked when we could come back she said "every day" so lets see if we go back there.  The next fam was this guy and his family.  He was super great and talked the entire time about his amazing love for his fam.  i think he'll progress a lot!  something interesting is he said "I'll give the closing prayer" and he crossed his chest, said the Lord's prayer, gave a normal prayer and crossed his chest again.  I couldn't follow what was going on!  The last was a girl who came and contacted us the other night wanting to know about the Church!  I guess she studies religion a lot and is particularly interested in the Mormons.  It was a cool lesson, shes really receptive, has lots of good questions, and committed to come to church without a problem!   So we were really happy that day.  Something funny is some random kid that day yelled "HEY ELDERS.  LONG LIVE THE MORMONS" hahaha i had no clue who he was! 

Sunday was cool, because the girl Jo who we talked to that night came to church like she said!  The members were super great to make her feel welcome, the wife of Abner sat with her and answered questions and the theme was on the Restoration!  It was super good!  Everyone thinks she's golden, she said she really enjoyed the reverence, lessons and prayers.  It was way cool.  Something strange is a lady named Hanna came to church and talked to us trying to establish her World Ministry movement!  What the heck!  We told her she probably wouldn't find help in our church and she kept pestering the bishop until he showed her the church communications website and she left. 

So yeah that was a good week! I'm loving Jamundi!  This Sunday is gonna be transfers so let's see what happens.  (I'll probably stay).  Love you all!  

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