Monday, May 4, 2015

04-27-15 to 05-04-15 Round 2 Jamundi!

This week has been pretty average. 
Monday I got a haircut (i may have already mentioned that) and that night we were suppose to have an FHE with Abner but it fell through, because his new baby boy had an allergic reaction to an immunization shot!  Yikes!  His wife and daughter got back from the hospital around 8 and we gave him a blessing.  It was sad but now his baby boy is okay so all is well :)

Tuesday was rather boring.  A guy fixed our stove and kept leaving for parts so we had to stay in the house until 4 to lock it up.  It was so boring!  That night we had with our investigator Jo and she's been studying the Book of Mormon like crazy using foot notes and everything!  She's great because she loves to study!  Also, she stopped drinking coffee just because we mentioned it a little once!  We didnt even twist her arm of anything haha.  GOLDEN! 

Wednesday was normal.  I went in divisions with Elder Bautista in my area and we kind of struggled to hunt down an appointment.  But that night we met with a less active and his parents decided to listen!  So they're our new investigators!  They were a pretty cool family.  The dad said he believes in the possiblity of Christ in the Americas because he studied the aztecs and mayans and he said they believe in a white God that came down and taught the people.  So he told us he'd read the Book of Mormon and pray about it!  WOop!

Thursday was once again pretty average.  most of our appointments fell through and we struggled to find people home, but that night we taught some friends of Abner.  Theyre pretty cool, and from the north close to Medellin.  i love their accents haha. 

Friday we spent all day with less actives, trying to get them excited about the church and what not.  That night we also met with Jo and she had a BILLION questions for us!  Some were kind of interesting haha, here's a few. 
Does God live in a star?
Did God come down as a human to have baby Jesus with Mary?
Does the church have official ties with the free-masons?
It was pretty funny haha but she had lots of good questions too.  its good to know she's studying so much though! 

Saturday was way slow.  We only found members home so we just visited members to keep the confidence between us good.  We also started our fast which was great!  I really like fasting now that i understand it.  I was having a harder time with this fast, because my whole body began to hurt and i couldn't sleep but i prayed for strength and felt better.  Fasting is really a time of spiritual upliftment! 

Sunday was pretty good!  Jo came to church, and we had a really nice spiritual testimony meeting.  I always love to hear testimonies.  That night we had a FHE with a great family of the Elders in the other area, and we taught them the Restoration.  It was a nice lesson, and they had good questions!  

Also, TRANSFERS CAME.  Elder Bautista is leaving for Morichal, and Elder Nielsen is leaving for Buga.  So we're going to have 2 new elders opening Jamundi 2!  should prove interesting!  But i'm staying here!  that means i'm in Jamundi at least until June.  Love you all!

Elder Welch

Not sure who's birthday they are celebrating...
looks like they know how to party though :)

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