Monday, May 25, 2015

05-19-15 to 05-25-15 New Companion!

This week was pretty good! 
So Tuesday WAS MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY!  Happy birthday mom, i love you!  I celebrated with an 8 hour zone conference in Cali!  yay!  It was kinda slow but we got some new cool ideas to get references from members. 

Wednesday the door man down stairs of our apartment said our new investigator William passed by the apartment wanting to talk to us.  So we went and found him and talked a bit at his house.  I guess he REALLY wanted to learn more!  So we taught him about the Book of Mormon and the restoration and he said "now i can see.  God has send you both to me.  I know it is true."  WOW.  It was super cool, he's a man full of faith! 

Thursday we had divisions with the zone leaders!  The plan was for Elder Cortes to go with me with Jo and see if we couldnt get her to baptize Saturday on the 40th anniversary of the mission in Cali.  We had a super cool plan, but around 5, his comp called us and said we had to go to Cali RIGHT THEN.  I guess something happened and the zone leaders had to go to the offices.  So dang it!  But Jo couldnt talk that night because work was busy and she had to go later.  Oh well i guess.  Also, in 2 days (Wednesday and Thursday) Bello and Dalton found 22 INVESTIGATORS.  So now im all excited to get out and knock doors or something. 

Friday we went in divisions, me and Dalton in his area and the others in my area.  The goal was to help me and Ortiz learn how to contact better and be more excited about contacting.  We had quite a few good experiences!  One lady said we were angels and an answer to her prayers.  We taught the plan of salvation, and i showed her my picture of the Mt Timpanogos temple, and she said "wow i feel peace when i look at this."  it was really beautiful. 

Saturday was the 40th Anniversary mission activity and we were busy all day!  It was fun to sing in a choir with 80 missionaries. (i sang bass).  The building was packed that night and everyone seemed to enjoy it!  I got my ring back from Elder Oré who was there, and got to see a few other great Elders!  It was a good time.

Sunday was great and sad all in one.  Starting with the great, something really strange happened.  So a lady came to the church with a list of questions, so we came to her house after church to talk about it.  When we got there, she called over 3 of her friends!  So we were sitting outside in the doorway teaching these four women (we can't enter without a man present) and one started recording us on her phone!  I was kinda bugged but we taught them anyway.  And by the end they actually seemed really interested and touched by the Spirit.  It was interesting to say the least.  That night we had a lesson with Jo and brought a brother named Pedro, a super great 77 year old man.  But he kinda just ended up talking with Jo's mom all night bearing his testimony while we listened.  Jo's mom was really bothered by the fact we can't be alone with them as women without a man present.  But whatever!  Jo was talking about baptisms though and even asked which one of us would baptize her!  It was rad! 
The sad part about Sunday was in the night at 10 we got a call from the assistants and Elder Ortiz received Extra official transfers to go to Cali.  BUMMER.  my new comp is Elder C from Peru as well, and i guess he's kind of a "special assignment".  I dont know.  I feel honored in a way because Elder Rojas said he felt only I could help him out.

Today i went and picked up C, and he seems pretty cool!  He also seems kinda down.  I guess he has family problems and other things from his old days from before he got baptized that might make him go home soon.  I feel bad.  He was just in Pasto for 3 weeks, in Cali for 2 and now hes here.  So he doesnt think he'll be here long.  I guess ill just love him, help him and we'll go to work.  And so the mission goes.   Love you all!
Elder Welch

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