Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's a Small World

On Saturday, April 18th, our friend and neighbor, Chris Ruiz, was able to visit Jake in the mission office in Cali. Chris served his mission about 25 years ago in the Cali Colombia Mission and had dreamed of returning. It just so happened his dream came true while our son was serving in the same mission! We are so grateful that Pres. Pricoli so graciously helped arrange for the meeting to happen. Seeing our friend on video speaking to our son made the World feel a whole lot smaller. Chris delivered a box of necessities for us (chocolate, candy, pop-tarts, smoked salmon, Christmas lights to hang around his apartment :) and a band t-shirt, haha) and brought back some things Jake wanted us to have and try (blocks made from sugar cane you make into a drink called agua panela, chocolate Jet Bars, the poncho he wore for Carnaval, his old quena, and letters for each of us). Here are a few pictures from their visit.

With his companion, Elder Ortiz, in the mission office

 A family Chris knows from his mission came along.
The older son will be serving a mission soon!
(That's Pres. Pricoli in the back)

Jake with Chris :)

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