Monday, November 9, 2015

11-03-15 to 11-09-15

This week has been pretty quiet, besides our fighting to maintain M and AM on date for their baptisms. 

Tuesday we went up into the mountain to contact the old man who gave us Mangas 2 weeks ago.  His farm is pretty humble but really cool. We chatted a bit and i guess hes a member of the Pentecostal church of Colombia.  He talked a LOT but seems pretty with it considering how old he is.  He told us all sorts of stories about how Andalucia was 50 years ago.  That night we had a FHE in the chapel just for M and AM.  We had about 10 members come and played games, and watched the video on John Tanner.  It went SUPER well!  The sisters loved it and left with some more friends! 

Wednesday was interesting.  We did a "desembarco" in Bugalagrande, or basically, we did divisions with members and contacted, taught and vistited less actives all day.  I went with a super tall guy named Diego.  He's probably about 6 foot 7 ish.  But wow i felt super weird all day.  probably because i wasnt with my comp!  But we kept busy, 6 lessons that day.

Thursday was nice and calm.  I did a cool art project haha i made a mini bicycle out of some wire i found in the street, and i painted it red yellow and blue for Colombia.  It turned out great!  That day we visited AM and she was SUPER excited for her baptism!  It was rad to see her excitment!  She is super full of charity, love and selflessness.  We also passed by Jha, and i guess she's moving to the area of the sisters!  NO!  but she'll still get baptized so it's alright.  that night we went and talked with a contact we had and i guess they have a nephew who is super into drugs and wants help so they took us to his house and we talked for a while.  It was a good little lesson.  He's a rad guy about 21 years old, but wow was he shifty.  the drugs dont let him stay still.  We're gonna work with him and be his friend because he really wants to change. 

Friday i spent a good amount of time organizing a list of members in our area in order by their addresses, and we went out searching them out all day.  Amongst them, we found the Leal family, a family Chris Ruiz asked us to search out.  the Grandma seems pretty bitter towards the church though she remembers nearly nothing about it.  The grandpa couldnt talk to us because he's mute from a sickness he had.  It was sad to see how theyve completely fallen away, but she willingly gave us a reference. 

Saturday was strange!  All our appointments fell through and we dont know why!  Honestly, nothing really happened.  We ate pizza that night and i found a HUGE beetle on my desk but thats about it.

Sunday was frusterating.  It started out great because 6 of our investigators came to church including AM and M.  It seemed to all go well but when we went to visit after church, they said they didnt like it.  They were bothered by the irreverence and lack of organization.  Nooo.  M said she'll keep going because she still liked a lot of things but AM said she's not going back.  We're praying hard for them.  We're gonna focus a lot on helping them get testimonies of the Book of Mormon so they can have a testimony to motivate them to keep coming.  Pray for them! 

Today was a great day of nothing.  We went to Tulua so Muñoz could buy some souvenirs, we ate, slept, got icecream, guarapo (a lemonade made with sugar cane water) and did nothing!  It was actually really refreshing for once.  But im still happy here!  I love the people, my comp is probably one of my favorites up there with Solorio haha and we're having a lot of success.  I love you all and have a delicious week! 

Elder Welch

Last weeks baptism.
This one made his mom cry. 
Doesn't he look great in white? :)

Elder Munoz's longish hair throws me off.
(Jake mentioned it's a cultural thing where he's from
and the Church allows him to keep it a little long.)

 That looks an awful lot like a mattress that
thing is crawling on...eww...

This is the cave pool he mentioned 2 weeks ago.

Doesn't he look great?!? 
(With Elder Munoz)

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