Monday, November 2, 2015

10-26-15 to 11-02-15 Rocky roads in Andalucia

first off apologize for any time i miss a space.  The keybboard im using is a stupid rubber one that youu have to press really hard for it to type. 

This week hasbeen good but with some obnoxious experiences.  But in advance,  this time NONE of it was our fault haha.

Monday night i had to go to Zarzal todo a baptismal interview for the zone leaders, but due to the investigators family, we couldnt do it.  wasted hour busride.  Then we had another problem.  No more buses were leaving to Andalucia, and we only had 13,000 pesos, and the zoneleaders left!  So we  prayed, ended up finding a lady who was going to Andalucia too, took a bus to La Paila, then to outside of Andalucia, thena car home.  phew!  we were so scared haha but God definately answered our prayers. 

Tuesday was great!  We were teachinig Jha and she said "when can I get baptized?" we're super excited for  her.  Her cousin also excepted a baptismal date. 

Wednesday we visted Jha and she lead our session readingfrom the BoM haha it was so great.  that night i got to interview the sisters investigators that me and my compvisited!  and they passed!  im not sure what changed themom's mind but shes okay with itnow. 

Thursday I went to Zarzal in divsions with elder lyon.  the goal was for me to interview their investigator but it was sadbecause he's so scaredto tell hisfamily.  We never ended up being able to do the interview. 

Friday was the baptism of the sisters 2 investigators, and Vanessa askedme tobaptize her!  So we got 3 of our investigators with baptismal dates and took them to the service.  But wow.  How unprepared.  it was gonna start at 3:30 but somehow no onethought to find baptismal clothing for the 2 girls.  on top of that, people were coming late, there were no chairs, no music, and little reverence.  It was embarrassing that we brought investigators.  We may have lost them because of it.  at 6 we ended up getting the clothes and doing the ordinance but the spirit wasnt there.  Thatnight we had a talent show inthe church which wentwell.  It was better organized and Jha came.  It was a geat time and Muñoz and I sangwhile i played guitar.  We ended up leaving Jha with membersand runningto make ithome ontime but I guess Jha leftalone and got home with a friend (a boy) which REALLYmadeher mom mad.  So now we have to regain the mom's confidence.  Nooo.  so in 1 day we almost lost 3 baptisms.  It was frustrating. 

Saturday was HALLOWEEN!  Andnothing went on until the night time.  We had a super average day.  Taught some sisters, met a crazy dude etc.  But wow that night was SUPER busy and loud inthe park haha.  lots of partying. 

Sunday was somewhat frustrating.  It was a transmission of the District Conference from Tulua and too be honest, after the baptismal service experience, we were reluctant to invite investigators to church.  but we did it anyway.  Only M came, (one of the sisters that had the bad experience atthe baptism. ) but how boring was the conference!  and almost no one greeted her! she leftwith a face that read "im not coming back".  So we werebummed.  Afterlunch,  we had a 3 hour branch counsel where we talked about a lot of the things thatneed to change so i felt a bit better.  But man. 

Today we ate mangos andhung out with Rodrigo and Lizeth.  nothing too crazy.  Sorry i have no photos againbecause were out of time!

i love you all!  have a geat week!

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