Monday, October 26, 2015

10-20-15 to10-26-15 First week in Andalucia!‏

WOW! i'm as happy as I could be as a missionary here in Andalucia! 

Tuesday I had one of the best district meeting I think I've ever had in the mission.  My district is only 4 missionaries.  Muñoz and I, and 2 sister missionaries.  It was just great because the sisters are super active and everyone participated to make it go smoothely and effectively.  We also did a really great role play that helped us all out a lot!  WoW!  Lunch was great, my new pensionista is super solid!  I also met some cool kids that day, 2 19 year old members named Lizeth and Rodrigo.  They come with us almost everyday, and for the entire day!  Rodrigo is blind and Lizeth is kind of his guide.  They're so rad haha. 

Wednesday started out as a bummer because it was a "dry day" which means they cut the water of the whole town so i couldnt shower, but it was alright.  haha worse for those around me.  It was a great day of contacting EVERYONE and having lots of lessons.  Elder Muñoz is great for talking to people, and teaching with me.  We're really focusing on peoples needs and seeking the Spìrit.  It's so much more effective!  We have to baptize because these are his last 3 months and we baptize in a river here! Haha!  That day we met an interesting old fella named Octavio, and he's a Jehovah's Witness so he was interesting to talk to!  But he played some nice JW hymns on the guitar haha which was actually pretty hilarious!  What a champ.  That night when we were passing through the park we saw some members.  When the sister saw me, she got SUPER excited!  I didnt realize who she was until she said "Chris!" They're Chris Ruiz's converts that came with him when he visited me in April!  They're in my area!  Sweet!  We've gone to their house a few times and they love me now haha they give us dinner everytime we come!  Small world! 

Thursday was a fairly normal day.  That night we had a lesson with a kid named Lu and it was kind of interesting!  When we came in, they offered us alcohol so we knew what we were teaching that night!  We taught the Word of Wisdom, but man it was kind of a mess because he told us that basically tomorrow he can die so he's gonna live life the way he wants.  So we're gonna teach the Plan of Salvation next time so he understands the importance of living a good life.  I also met a guy with a pet monkey that day named Timoteo haha.

Friday was a good day but a bit slow because it POURED rain.  Super hard!  We got absolutely soaked and the roads were all rivers haha.  Rodrigo was kicking water at me while we ran haha.  That night we visited a family of the sister missionaries because the daughters wanna get baptized but the mom doesnt agree with it.  The sisters wanted us to go and see if we couldnt work some miracles haha.  It went well but the mom kept leaving the room and the dad talked wayyy too much.  But at the end we discovered that almost no one was reading the Book of Mormon nor praying about it.  So obviously no one was gonna get converted.  Something sad was that night one of the sisters, Sister Hernandez had to get extra offically transfered for some health problems, which was a bummer because she was a super rad missionary. 

Saturday we said bye to Sister Hernandez in the morning and went throughout our day.  That night we had a great lesson on prayer with Lu and his HUGE family of like 10 people haha.  We gave it on prayer, putting God first and church attendance.  It went really well!

Sunday was super good!  It was my first time attending church in a house-chapel.  It is sooo small!  It was a bummer because almost no one came to church because Valle de Cauca had it's elections that day.  After church we ate and went up the mountain with some ward members to do a service project.  A poor brother has tarp of a roof and it was ripping through so we donated sheet metal to help him replace it.  We also gave him a mattress we had.  It was nice to help out.  Something cool is there are these fruits with hard shells that fall from trees and you can take them once theyre dry, empty them out and use them as water canteens!  So Muñoz and I took some and are working on etching cool stuff on them! 

Today was probably one of the best P Days ive ever had! We started out playing Soccer with 2 kids named Camilo and Alex, 2 16 year old members, and they lost so they had to buy us soda haha.  After they took us up by their house where you follow a river through the jungle to a cool cave area.  It was beautiful, and we ate off mango trees, and the boys swam in the cave pool.  I saw a tarántula, a cool snake, a bat and lots of weird bugs.  Finally getting a jungle experience haha.  Just need to spot a panther and a monkey and i'm set.  After that, we ate more mangos, then went to the house of Rodrigo and Lizeth to get more mangos!  We're so happy haha.  It was just a good day in the nature eating fruits and messing around.  Andalucia is super rad.  I'm super excited to see what the next week brings!  Love you all!
Elder Welch

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