Monday, October 19, 2015

10-13-15 to 10-19-15 Andalucia!

This week has been mostly preparing for transfers. 

Tuesday I had my last district meeting in Valle grande!  It was bittersweet, ill definitely miss a lot of the Elders from my district. That day we went and visited Rob again!  We read 2 Nephi 31 and talked baptism.  He said He'll baptize one day and really wants to make it to church!  He's a stud. 

Wednesday we had a pretty busy day.  That night we visited the Mina family, and Jo had a lot of questions about whether or not Jesus had brothers, about the Brother of Jared, and about her family history haha.  But it all tied into family and genealogy so we taught her how to start her tree on so she can go do that in the stake center!  I'm excited!  We want to prepare them to bring names to the temple when the ward goes in January!  (if they can make it).  Also, Dayana wrote me the cutest note thanking me for teaching her and how she is SO excited to be a missionary.  I love children.  Our last lesson that night was super important.  We visited G and (her son) and watched a video on temples. afterwards, they expressed a great desire to go as a family to the temple and do the temple work for their ancestors.  G said she talked with her husband and he agreed to attend a day with her (he's a non-member) and her son is itching to go.  I'm so happy to see so much progress in that family.  It was a day where I felt like I've done wonderful things in my area though i don't get to see the immediate results.  In their own time, they'll be back. 

Thursday we watched that temple video with Rob.  He loved it, and was sharing his thoughts with some other guys in the barbershop.  Then we had to go really far in the MIO to find an ATM that was working because the money arrived and i was BROKE!  haha.  What a pain.  That night we talked about temples with Nai and she had some doubts about "vicarious proxy"  or being able to baptize for someone else.  So we tried helping her out. 

Friday we had interviews with President!  It went well, and though we had to wait a while, it went fairly quickly.  I nailed reciting D&C 84:33-44 memorized and Pres. Pricoli revised our area book. He said it was pretty good just kind of chewed me out a bit with love on a form i didnt know existed for less actives and recent converts haha.  It's okay, i'm still learning. 

Saturday was a pretty good day too!  The Mina family finally got their tamales ready to sell for their wedding. Us missionaries bought 20 between the 4 of us so right there they got 120,000 pesos hahah!  That's the majority of what they need for their papers!  SO THEY CAN BAPTIZE SOON!  The rest of the day I went and said bye to people because I was almost positive I was getting transfered.  Now they dont give us time to say bye so we just have to do it beforehand to be safe.  It sucks! 

Sunday we got TRANSFERS!  I'm in the zone Zarzal (pronounced sar saul) and my area is a little village called Andalucia!  My new comp is Elder Muñoz from Otavalo Ecuador.  The culture in his pueblo allows the missionaries from there to have really long hair.  it's super rad  haha.  He's a really good missionary and I'll most likely be his last comp for the next 3 months. 

Today I left at 8:00am and took a car for about 2 hours to Tulua.  Then another 15 ride to Andalucia.  It's a pleasant little town and It's super quiet which I'm loving.  I'm still district leader, and my district is just me and Elder Muñoz with 2 sister missionaries.  I'm content as of now!   Nice to be out of the dangerous city. 
love you all!  Next week I'll sent photos of me and my comp.  But his parents are considered Pioneers in Ecuador and are in the July Ensign so if you wanna read about them, look it up there under the article "Pioneers: An Anchor For Today".  Rad! 
Love you all and have an excellent week! 
Elder Welch

 The Catholic Church in his new neighborhood

 Moving in!

New bedroom

View from the new apartment


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