Monday, October 5, 2015

09-29-15 to 10-05-15 General Conference October 2015 MODERN REVELATION

This week had been a good one, crowned by General Conference!  Nothing like listening to our beloved leaders that bring us God given counsel specific for our days!  I apologize in advance, I forgot my journal in the house so the email may be a bit less specific.  Going off my Planning agenda and memories haha. 

Tuesday was a VERY busy day.  The best lesson has to be with that cool black guy named Rob from the barber that called us over!  We explained the Restoration and he just thinks it is SO cool that we have the same organization as Christ's church as explained in the Bible.  We left him chapter 40 in Alma in the Book of Mormon to help him with his doubts on where we go after death.  Later that day I was having a MAJOR tough time hearing.  My ear hurt and it felt like i had cotton stuffed inside.  So I called Sister Pricoli and lo and behold...

Wednesday I got to go to the hospital!  DON'T WORRY I'M NOT GONNA DIE.  I got an ear infection from my cold last week haha (I know, I'm a mess.)  But the doctor just hooked me up with some drugs and sent me on my way!  That night we passed by the Mena family and explained more articles of faith.  There's still quite a bit theyre learning, but theyre still easily one of our best families. 

Thursday we went back to Rob's barber and talked about what he read.  He read ALL of it and marked it with pencils.  He just loves it and loves listening!  While we were there, some people came in for haircuts, but he just said "I'm busy listening to the word of God!  Sit down and join us!" So we got like 3 new investigators thanks to him haha. 

Friday was a rather slow day.  We talked with Cam about getting back on track with the lessons and he expressed his desires.  He's a great kid.  Just getting back on his feet. 

Saturday was THE FIRST DAY OF GENERAL CONFERENCE!  and in English!  Perks of having 7 gringos in your zone!  I loved all the talks.  Pres. Holland's talk made every one of us miss our moms and want to hug them!  But it's chill :) I also loved the thought of looking at others through a "mothers eyes".  When you look at each person as a child of God that has their own Joys and sorrows it really changes your perspective on everything. I loved the music too, especially The Spirit of God.  So beautiful.  Of course Priesthood session and

Sunday was just as perfect.  My favorite talks had to be by the prophet on Keeping the Commandments, Elder Eyring's talk on the spirit, Elder Nelson's talk on the women of the church and Elder Allen Haynie's talk on the Atonement.  I loved it!  I just feel a need to repent fully of all the sins I commit so I can feel that Spirit.  I hope all can do the same.  As Pres Monson said "the sooner we repent, the sooner we can feel that peace and quietness".  Don't wait 1 second longer.  I hope we can all remember what was said!  Pass our notes, download talks so we can relisten!  re-read!  Ive just got a kind of kickstart kinda feeling haha.

Today we went to the downtown so Elder Ludwig and Elder Chaiña could buy guitars haha.  They both wanna learn really bad.  Im proud :)  Love you all!  Have an excellent week!  OH!  and let's ponderize like Devin Durrant's talk invited us!  Im gonna memorize 2 Nephi 2:6-8!  How about all of you?

Elder Welch

A Little Q&A:
Mom: Are you guys having to ration water? (Cali is in a severe drought)
Jake: yeah they turn off our water but they did it BECAUSE it rained.  2 days it rained hard, and i guess it was making something contaminate the water supply so they shut it off, but it was very little time so im okay,

Mom: Did you get to watch Conference in English?
Jake: you bet your buttons i did!  and it was glorious!

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