Monday, October 12, 2015

10-06-25 to 10-12-15 Apostasy, motorcycles, and Guns‏

This has been a kind of bummer/crazy week. 
Tuesday was a nice day because we were busy!  Al is doing good but he drank beer again so we're working on that.  Rob had us write down the church's website so he could check out conference, and G (our less active) is getting super hyped to do family history! 

Wednesday was the year mark of me leaving home!  Crazy how fast the time flies!  But man.  It was a hard day.  We went to visit our recent convert Lil, the ones who son was convulsing that one day that we helped.  We played a bit with her son but then he told us something.  I guess Lil's uncle is a pastor for a Christian church called the Bethesda.  And theyre not too fond of our church... so he gave her anti-mormon material and now she's packed all her things from the church in a giant bag swearing to never go back to that "church of the devil".  I was heart broken.  She was saying all sorts of lies her uncle said about us.  Before we left, I bore the most sincere testimony I could but was just crying when i said it.  I left sobbing for her.  Hardest part of the mission is definitely when sweet souls fall into apostasy. 

Thursday I completed ONE YEAR!  Trunky!  It was actually rather a slow day due to the soccer match Colombia v Peru.  But hey, Colombia won 2-0 so i could rub it in my comps face!  I also burnt a tie of course in a classic missionary ritual.  Time to make this year the best part of my mission.  First year was learning.  Second is killing it. 

Friday was pretty average.  Besides getting hit by a motorcycle... and almost seeing someone die from gunshot... and witnessing armed robbery.  HA! Let me explain.  So after lunch, I was crossing the street to get on a jeep to go to a far away part of my area, when a motorcyle came from no where and hit me!  I jumped fast enough for it to only nail my arm.  OUCH!  (Sister Janeth saw from her balcony and said he shot out of an alley without looking so I wasnt just being careless haha).  But im okay.  Just kind of hurt the muscle.  We went and taught Al about tithing, then went to talk with Rob.  He was busy so we had to leave to go get on another Jeep for Morichal to do a baptismal interview.  As we were walking by the bakery, we starting hearing loud popping noises!  At first i thought it was a motorcycle tail-pipe or a firework (which are super common here) but after several shots i knew it was a gun!  People were running on the street next to us about half a football field away.  My comp even saw the guy with the gun!  I didnt because i was running haha.  So we got out of there.  Holy cow!  Intense!  The interview in Morichal went well and on the way back, some guy got off the jeep without paying.  The driver stopped to yell, and as we looked back he pulled out a knife and was trying to steal some guy's bike!  At that point me and my companion were thinking "WHAT IS UP WITH TODAY?" So we took it easy the rest of the night sticking to safer areas and safer people haha.  Sad thing of all these events is we can't go back to the neighborhood where the shooting was and that's where Rob, the bishop and the Mena family live.  We'll have to get members to take us there in the day time.  Crazy!

Saturday was super slow, especially compared to Friday.  We had a mega long zone meeting, mission coordination and shopped/prepared for Sunday dinner. 

Sunday was a bummer.  We woke up and the city shut off our water AGAIN because of a tiny sprinkle we had the night before.  As a result, almost NO BODY came to church because they all went out to search for water.  We were suppose to have 7 attending but only 2 came.  The best part of the day was our lunch.  The Soto family (members who live on our street) lent us their grill so we grilled up steaks, made mashed potatoes and gravy, and steamed some broccoli.  Let it never be said that gringos dont cook or dont have traditional plates in their country!  It was delish and nostalgic of home. 

Today we just chilled and relaxed.
This weekend we're gonna have interviews with president which should be good and important.  We're memorizing D&C 84:33-44 so I guess we can call that my ponderizing scripture this week!  Also, Sunday are transfers! Its likely I could be going, knowing the pattern of transfers that are normal.  So let's see next week!
Love you all!  Remember in who you're entrusted!

Elder Welch

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