Monday, December 7, 2015

12-01-15 to 12-07-15 Cleyder's baptism!‏

This week i was quickly ushered in to a new world as zone leader haha but it was great. i had a baptism (and actually feel like i helped her get to baptism) so life is good!  What else could i ask for?

Tuesday we ran all over the place looking for the new elder coming from Pasto and i guess instead of going to Zarzal he went to another city called Roldanillo.  it was pretty funny haha.  I also met my next baptism, Cleyder!  She's 19, super strong in the gospel and her personality actually reminds me a lot of Tayler haha. 

Wednesday we had an interview with an investigator and sadly she didnt pass for something that happened a while ago, and she was super sad about it.  We were running around panicking because we had to go to Cali for leadership training but we couldnt just leave her all discouraged so we went with her to the church and i shared with her Alma 36.  After reading it, she said "this is the Book of Mormon?  Ive never read a scripture from the Book of Mormon that fills me up inside like this one." so she had a spiritual experience and i was happy to help give her a better testimony of the Book of Mormon. 

Thursday we were in Cali all day at my first Leadership conference.  it was long and kind of boring but im glad i got to learn more about my responsibilities.  Honestly i just make sure missionaries are working and do dumb errands, but i like it haha its fun.  That night we stopped by Andalucia to get the matt's Elder Muñoz and i left in the house but then we realized there werent any more buses going to Zarzal so we stayed the night with the New elders.  But it was a good opportunity to help them plan.  Of the 10 missionaries in this zone (including me and my comp) 6 have 4 months or less.  Theyre all super excited to work but theyre all noobs haha.  Its fun to help them though, they learn fast. 

Friday we finished the plans for Cleyder's baptism and she passed her interview!  It was a good day!  We also have a lot of other solid investigators.  We're gonna baptize a ton!

Saturday was Cleyder's baptism!  It went really well.  I played hymns on the guitar, we sang, and the whole service was really organized.  She was beaming in her eyes, it was a great experience. 

Sunday was Fast Sunday, and all the testimonies were great.  Cleyder even got up there and talked how she wants to be a missionary.  We had 10 investigators come to church and 2 are familes!  Couldnt be happier.  That afternoon we had a meeting with the district president and the ZLs from Tulua to talk about our plans to turn this district into a stake.  We have our fair share of work ahead of us.  But it feels good to have so many good responsibilities.  I hope we can fulfill our callings as zone leaders.  So life is good, i'm keeping an eye on Andalucia (since its my zone) and we have lots of baptisms coming up!  Success!

love you all, Elder Welch

He also reports that he got all three Christmas packages I sent! Happy mom :D

Last picture with Elder Muñoz 

 Cleyder's Baptism

With his new companion, 
Elder Gomez from Oklahoma 
(His first American comp since the MTC.)

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