Monday, December 28, 2015

12-21-15 to 12-28-15 FELIZ NAVIDAD!‏

Alright, since ive talked to the fam on Friday, i'm feeling a bit lazy to write a huge weekly letter haha.  sorry mom.  This week has been pretty good, just a tad bit slow with the Christmas season.  But we tried to take advantage of it to find some rad families! 

This week lots of investigators are asking about exaltation.  People obviously get defensive when they hear "The Mormons believe in becoming Gods".  So it's been really interesting to learn how to teach that profound of doctrine so that anyone understands.  and these 2 points have helped me a lot. 
1. God is our loving heavenly father, and as ANY parent feels, he wants us to become the best we can.  Even better than him if possible.
2. Us becoming Gods doesnt dethrone God.  Actually it gives him more glory.  Same way my mom and dad look like great parents because me or Tayler are successful in something.
All things on Earth were first created spiritually.  Yes, even the nature of families and parenthood.  OF COURSE we'll become Gods.  as CHILDREN of God.  It is our birthright!  Cool huh?

Christmas was actually really great!  We made a rad tree out of some paint, cardboard, Christmas lights and a tree branch and opened all our presents!  im super happy with my new ties, tie pins and pants.  thanks mom!
That night we tried to sing Christmas carols.  it was rather hard with all the people blasting drinking music every other house but we did it and felt a bit of Christmas spirit while we were at it. 

So that was basically my week!  Life is good, and i'm super excited to start working on a normal schedule after the holidays haha.  I hope everyone has a great New Years day!  Make some REALISTIC goals!  to end here are the 4 things ive learned to do it.
1. A vision
2. A goal
3. Plans
4. Accountability.
-Elder Welch

  With Elder Solorio and Elder Paskett

 Cute little Charlie Brown tree :)

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