Monday, January 4, 2016

12-29-15 to 1-4-15 HAPPY NEW YEAR!‏

This week has been very eventful but very slow in the work. 

Tuesday we started off kind of exciting.  So we started contacting our street references and we found a new family!  They invited us in and are really great!  But when we started talking, they told us of how scary things have been happening in their house and how for the past 3 years, the 17 year old daughter has had a dark figure come and bother her in the night.  So we offered her a blessing and they accepted.  When we finished, she got all weak, cold and sick so we were worried and offered to come back in the night time with the other missionaries to bless her again.  So we came back in the night time to bless her again and since then she is sleeping normal and feels calmer! Rad!
Matthew 10:1
(He gave a lot more details about the blessing they gave but I thought it best to leave some of it out.)

Wednesday we fasted for that family just to be sure everything would be okay, and the family joined us. It was a rough fast all day in the sun but it was worth it because the family is happy and grateful.
Mark 9:29

Thursday was slow because it was NEW YEARS!  Cool because 2016 and stuff but bummer because everyone was drunk or out of town.  I ate 3 dinners though which was AGONY!

Friday was worse because everyone was hungover or asleep haha so we had a zone meeting and did practices.  but it was pretty important to help the missionaries. That night while we were walking we saw a big glowing plume of smoke so we walked to where it was and the sugar cane field was in flames next to the houses!  They were huge flames, like 20 to 30ft high.  Luckily it burnt itself out and didnt hit the houses because the firemen came super late.  But it was cool to watch! im guessing it was a firework related accident. 

Saturday was pretty normal.  The 20 year old son of the Arias family is getting super interested in the church, but he's super smart and studies hard! he had all sorts of questions but he came to church for the 2nd time! Cool!

Sunday we had normal 5 investigators attending church but we are all bummed because we confirmed with like 15 and most blew us off.  But its chill. 

Today we hiked to the top of a mountain which was fun.  I am BEAT though haha.  But it was sure nice to get out and hike.  Anywho yeah. It was an alright week!  Casting out devils, new years, fires, hikes, but nah im sick of the holidays.  I just wanna work hard again!  But its alright because this week is our chance! 
I love you all!
Elder Welch
Yikes! It looks like he got hot on that hike!

The whole Zone Zarzal

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