Monday, January 18, 2016

01-12-15 to 01-18-15 Getting sick again!‏

This week was pretty average to below average.  it started off on the wrong foot when

Tuesday I started to have body pains.  I thought it was from working out (we've been working out a ton lately) but I found out it was more than that wednesday haha.  but that night, a member named Ligia presented us 2 families to teach!  And theyre both married!  So we're excited for that.

Wednesday we woke up and went to Tulua to do the finishing touches on the District Mission Plan (district as in what comes before a stake, not a missionary district).  But man, my body hurt!  By the time we got home, i had a 101.8 fever and was DONE haha.  So i was bed ridden all day. 

Thursday i was still sick but i was bored of laying in bed so we went out to work haha.  we had a good lesson with Nat and J, because theyre getting really into the church and are showing a TON of faith!  Nat already said she wants to get baptized, and J is actually reading what we leave now but the problem is... they dont want to get married.  bummer! 

Friday was a long day because we had no confirmed appointments.  We've dropped a lot of investigators lately that dont want to progress so we can work harder, so we kinda just tried contacting all day.  Elder Gomez was a bit frustrated with religion just because some people just drive us crazy with their apostasy driven beliefs.  It was just kind of a long day. 

Saturday we had a good zone meeting that pumped me up and that night a member presented us a new family.  They didnt really show much interest to listen but at least the members are working now! 

Sunday after church, we had to go to Tulua for a meeting with the District President and all the Branch Presidents in the District to talk about mission plan.  It went really well, we and all the branch presidents are in agreement and we're gonna make some VERY necessary changes to hopefully improve how things go in the church in Zarzal, Tulua, Buga and Andalucia.  We're pretty excited.  But the meeting went too late and we couldnt get a bus back to Zarzal!  So we went to Andalucia to sleep in the house of the Elders there. Only problem is that Andalucia is in it's "carnivales" right now for the cities birthday.  I have NEVER seen a bigger party in Colombia.  We couldnt walk through the park because the WHOLE thing had a stage, and booths, and carnival rides.  We walked the whole block to get to the house.  And the music was SO loud that in the house we had to yell to talk to each other.  There was a HUGE reggatone concert of a group called "Alexis y Firo" and Elder Gomez and Elder Suyon freaked out about it haha i guess theyre pretty big.  But yeah, we couldnt sleep til 3 in the morning because the whole house was vibrating.  wow.  what a party, it was crazy to see. 

So this morning we got home tired and slept all day haha.  Some good news is we found a nice house this week and may move in today depending on what our land lord says!  So we're excited!  I love you all have a good week!

Elder Welch

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