Monday, January 25, 2016

01-19-16 to 01-25-16 Finding fools!‏

This week has been pretty good!  We're really excited for our zone because last week our zone of 10 missionaries found 102 new investigators and around 25 of those are families!  Today we celebrated by going to Tulua to buy Dominos Pizza haha. 

Tuesday was a great day!  We found 2 new families to teach, both referenced from Elder Giles and Elder Tumbaco.  Both are young couples with little boys.  the first seems pretty interested.  The husband is a bit stuck on his Pentecost believes that God is 3 in 1 but the wife really wants to learn more. the other is really good and the husband has a strong desire to better his family for his son.  But they left on a long trip for a week so we wont teach them for a bit.

Wednesday we moved into our new house! Its super nice and spacious and white.  but since its a brand new barely finished apartment, its kinda dirty haha so weve been cleaning it like crazy.  but now you can feel the Spirit so strong!  It's a good change.
Thursday we had a baptismal interview for an investigator of Elder Giles and Elder Tumbaco named Alexandra.  She's a wonderful lady and has a lot of health problems.  She's always on oxygen but she never ceases to smile!  She's gonna be a great blessing to the church with her great attitude. 

Friday we had interviews with President.  It was all normal and i didnt have much to say or ask haha but I got my letters from the family for Christmas!  3 months late but i still enjoyed them haha. 

Saturday me and Elder Gomez found 2 more big familes!  Theyre both really good!  One is just this cool big black guy and his nice wife.  theyre really exicted to stregnthen their family, so we're gonna work extra hard with them.  The other is kind of sad because the sister of the family we taught lost her husband 2 months ago because he was shot and killed.   (that happens a lot in Zarzal for some reason.) But it was a really spiritual lesson. 

Sunday was pretty normal.  Just a few lessons.  We went to Nabor and Mery's house and taught Mery's sister.  It was a simple lesson on living up to our potential, but it was good for Mery's sister.  We left her meditating. 

But yeah not much to my week!  If you all can, pray for Colombia so it can rain.  the drought here is getting pretty serious, and if it doesnt rain soon, we'll be all out of water.  I dont wanna see what will happen at that point!
love you all! 

Elder Welch

 The main park in Zarzal

Elder Gomez

 I sent this antique tie clip for Christmas 
and he really loves it :)

 His desk

 The new apartment

 Little area for washing clothes

 Five pizzas for ten people :) 
He said he made himself sick, haha

Zone Zarzal celebrating their past week success

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