Monday, February 1, 2016

01-26-16 to 02-01-16 RAIN!‏

This week was a pretty calm and slow one

Tuesday we were working slower because Elder Gomez was super sick in the stomach so we were running to the house for him to use the bathroom every other appointment haha.  The Highlight of the day was we met an Atheist women and got her to pray and read the Book of Mormon haha.  We felt pretty good about it.

Wednesday was a SUPER busy!  We had 7 appointments and we got excited because 2 of our families are reading the Book of Mormon.  It crazy the difference in their progression in comparison with our other investigators.  It is so important. 

Thursday started about bad when we visited a recently returned missionary and she told us she isnt gonna go to church now.  It made us all sad, and her reasons are so dumb psychology theories on how you can make yourself happy doing whatever.  So we were bummed about but that night we had a really good lesson with the Sanchez family.  We taught the restoration and the mom cried.  It redeemed the day. 

Friday IT RAINED!  It was a miracle!  It rained so hard that the streets flooded and we got SOAKED!  We were super happy.  I took a pìcture but the computer wont upload it so next week i'll send it haha.  Thanks for the prayers!
But we still need a LOT more.

Saturday was a bummer because almost ALL of our appointments fell through!  Who knows why, but no one was home!  But we had a good lesson with a less active on 1 Nephi 13.  My history nerd came out of me and i was geeking out explaining him about American history and how it prepared for the restoration haha. 

Sunday was rad!  We finished our fast eating Mac and Cheese with hotdogs (woohoo!) and visited our investigator Ger.  He's been a tough investigator because he has a TON of doubts in logic.  He started from Atheist when we first found him, but he's coming super far!  He fasted to ask for help feeling spiritual impressions and not ruling it out with logic.  And he said he felt really close to God!  He also said he wants to get baptized but first needs to clear up a few more doubts to feel like he's really changing his life.  We're excited.

So yeah, this week wasnt too crazy but a lot of investigators are progressing, so what more could i ask for?  Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Welch

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