Tuesday, February 23, 2016

02-15-16 to 02-22-16 Gerardo's baptism and Pasto!‏

I honestly dont remember this last week too well, and i'm down to 30 min writing time without my journal.

Sorry if you didnt get last weeks mail!  I sent one, but the church mailing system was down and didnt send it to some people.  Also sorry i didnt write yesterday because I GOT TRANSFERED TO PASTO CARAJO!  

Alright, first I'll tell you about Ger.  So as you all know, we put him on date for Saturday out of the nothing and he actually accepted.  Well, turns out that was just the step of faith he needed to be converted.  He told us Thursday that Wednesday night he told his family that he was thinking about getting baptized, but apparently they werent okay with it and his older sister said "if you get baptized, you're not my brother anymore."  He said that when he saw their opposition, he felt strongly that he was doing the right thing, and that in that moment he felt his faith so strong that he wanted to move his whole house off the ground haha.  He also said he learned the true meaning of "Love God over everything else."  The baptism came saturday and he didnt want hardly anyone there.  He invited us missionaries, the branch president and 3 girls from the branch.  It was an incredibly spiritual meeting.  the reason he wanted so little people there was to keep it more personal.  And it did just that.  To see his countenance when he came up out of the water just filled me up with the spirit.  It was one of the best baptisms of my mission.  He said that now he's giving his life to God and that he wants to serve a mission (he's 21 years old.) It was just an amazing experience. 

Alright, besides that the week was normal. But I GOT TRANSFERRED!  I'm here in Pasto, 2 hours north of Ipiales where i started the mission!  Pasto is a SUPER beautiful city (LOOK UP PICS. "PASTO COLOMBIA") and really cold haha.  I'm so happy.  My new companion is Elder Roman from Argentina, and we're opening area.  He's super rad, we get along really well, and he is an expert in yerba mate haha.  So we're REALLY excited to work super hard in Nariño again!  Love you all!  Have an excellent week!  Sorry i didnt write yesterday. I left Zarzal at 5am and got in Pasto at 8pm.  It's kinda far.  
PHEW! That was a LONG 2 weeks for me to not hear from him. I tried to call the mission office last night but they are 2 hours ahead so there was no answer. Probably a good thing since he emailed first thing this morning :) 

I'm excited for him to be in Pasto. He loves sweater weather and that's pretty much all Pasto has.  They are at over 8,000 feet elevation. -Wendy

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