Monday, February 29, 2016

02-22-16 to 02-29-16 First week in Pasto!‏

This has been a LONG and tiring week!  So me and Elder Román finally got all settled in.  It's always interesting opening areas because we have to do just about everything to try and find people to teach.  Unfortunately, the past missionaries for about a year haven't put ANYTHING in our area book so we have just about nothing to work with.  

I'd go day by day, but everyday was about the same haha.  Walking and walking and climbing hills (there's a TON in Pasto) and walking a bit more haha.  But we found some people this week!  One is a family of 2.  We contacted them in the street and visited them a couple days later.  The wife (Nora) said that people are always trying to preach to her and she has always said no.  But she said when we talked, she felt a peace which motivated her to say yes.  So her and her husband (Al) are listening!  Theyre not married but theyre not opposed to the idea either which is a good thing!  haha. 

Another family we found searching for a name on the list of members.  The member no longer lives there, but we found some kids that were excited to meet my comp.  Theyre saving money to go to Switzerland to meet the Pope haha.  They like Elder Roman because he's Argentine and so is the Pope hahaha.  Turns out, theyre part of a family of 11!  9 kids and the parents! That's super rare in Colombia haha.  Theyre a really humble family. Just SUPER DUPER Catholic. 

That's about it!  We're tired but happy as well.  There's a few challenges here, such as that the Ward here is the "worst" number-wise in Pasto, and the missionaries here havent baptized since August, but we're not worried.  We're working extra hard and are being SUPER obedient.  We feel determined to change Pasto Mariluz around!  Love you all!

Elder Welch

 Elder Gomez

Not sure what these two are up to 
but I love those smiles :) 

 Gerardo's Baptism! 

 (Look how slim and trim Jake is
after being with Elder Gomez. He said 
they've been eating better and exercising more.)

Maybe the new couple they are teaching?... 

 The new apartment
(Jake's desk on the left)

 He said that it is just him and 
Elder Roman in this apartment
(looks like Jake is top bunk)

 A couple of views from the new apartment

He mentioned to me that it rains a lot in
Pasto and he's loving the cool weather.

 This one made me laugh out loud! 
Oh, how I miss this weird (in a good way) kid!

I think this translates roughly to, 
"we are poor but we are awesome!"

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