Monday, February 8, 2016

02-02-2016 to 02-08-16 Lots of miracles!‏

This week was a bit slow in the work but we had a few miracles that happened. 

Tuesday we had a pretty intense lesson with Ger on the organization of Christs church.  We watched the talk "What is the blueprint of Christ's Church?" by Tadd R Callister of the 70.  Ger is SO CLOSE to baptism!  He only has a few doubts on the word of wisdom, tithing and women/the priesthood.  He's been a rough investigator but we've all learned a TON teaching him.  Ive come to learn that the gospel answers EVERY question. 

Wednesday we had leadership council in Cali so we had to leave at 4am to get there.  It was honestly a more boring council.  Sister Pricoli is going crazy about the Zika virus.  Its a pretty serious mosquito transmitted disease and there's missionaries here in the missionary that have it.  That night we had to stay the night in Andalucia because i got to do something really cool. I GOT TO INTERVIEW HOOVER!  i dont know if any of you remember, but he was a drug addict investigator that I had when i was there and he's finally getting baptized!  He is so different now.  He's a month clean of drugs, he got a job, got a white shirt and tie and is 100% repentant.  It was a miracle to see where he's come from.  I am so grateful that i could interview him!  D&C 15:6

Thursday my comp got sick!  So all day while he rested I cleaned the house, and studied hard Doctrine and Covenants while drinking mate haha.

Friday we went to visit Ger to see how he's doing.  4 days prior to the visit we told him to start from 1 Nephi 1 and to start reading through the Book of Mormon.  Well Friday, he was already on Omni!  Sunday he was on Alma 13!  He's flying!  So we had a LONG lesson talking about his questions from the Book of Mormon and after explaining tithing.  It was super edifying.  That night we talked with Nabor and Mery's daughter Kenya, and she's finally gonna get baptized on the 13th!  So we'll finally have the family complete!  We're excited! 

Saturday was very uneventful.  We taught a man named Jo and his wife the restoration and they seemed really interested and excited to read the Book of Mormon.

Sunday was SUPER great!  We went to Tulua for a big district conference because they changed the District presidency.  It was fun to see Nabor and Mery come with their family because Nabor was all classy in a white shirt and slacks, and Mery in a classy dress and Nabor was going around shaking everyones hand.  He's totally gonna be the Branch President one day haha.  For lunch we made Quesadillas which was super rad because it was the first quesadilla ive eaten in 16 months haha.  That night we visited the family we taught Saturday and WOW a huge miracle.

We asked if they had read and they had.  When i asked if they prayed the wife said "No.  Because while i read it i was filled with an amazing feeling of joy and i knew it was true.  We already know." and when i asked what she was willing to do with what the Lord as showed her, she said "We want to get married and baptized.  I pictured the whole family getting baptized.  We're going to repent and follow Christ."  WE COULDNT BELIEVE IT.  She said she feels like us showing up at her door is an answer from God that she's found the truth.  We wanted to do cartwheels!  Today theyre going to the notary to take out what they need to get married!  The Lord truly prepared the way. 

Today we slept a whole ton.  Tonight may be kind of interesting though.  We were talking with the sister missionaries in Zarzal and they told us a story from the other day.  They were trying to get the father of a family they're teaching to pray and he didnt want to.  He refused, up until he was angry about it.  After they left the wife stopped them and said "I have a question.  Every time someone prays in our house, something scratches my husband's back.  why is that happening?" The husband showed them that he had scratches all down his back.  They say something puts evil thoughts into his head and he just wants to live in peace now.  So tonight we're gonna go see if we can bless their home or if necessary, cast out an unclean spirit.  Pray for us! 

So yeah, this week was a good one!  We're super grateful for the experiences we're having and my testimony is getting stronger and stronger everyday!  Love you all!  Have a good week!
Elder Welch

Last weeks big rain storm. Answered prayers!
He said it rained a little today but they still need more
so keep praying! :)

 Poor, sick Elder Gomez

With Hoover in Tulua

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