Tuesday, February 23, 2016

02-08-16 to 02-15-16 Kenya's baptism!‏

02-23-16 Wow, i didnt know my letter didnt get to you! the mission had us go in to send the letters again the next day for the problem, but i saw that Lauren replied to my letter so i assumed that everyone got it!  Sorry to worry you like that!  But i'm okay!  and im in Pasto!  I love Pásto! haha love you mom
This was a soft week.  The sickness is really bad right now.  everyone is getting sick, including us!  It seems it's everywhere we go!  So we're just trying to be clean, wash our hands and drink lots of fresh orange juice haha.

Monday night we went to the house but the couple having the spirit problems wasnt there so we ended up leaving.

Tuesday morning, Elder Gomez and I went to Tulua to have a meeting with the new District President.  He's really good and has his mind in the right place with where he wants to go.  We're excited!  That day we did some baptismal interviews and Elder Gomez's interview took a LONG time.  That night we went to the couple's house that is having the spirit problems and talked a bit with them.  After a hymn he showed us his back and sure enough there was a scratch.  But strangly enough we didnt feel a negative feeling or anything.  So we gave him a blessing and he said he felt a hot stinging feeling leave him.  After we had him pray (which he hadnt done in a long time) and all was well!  Pretty calm haha not as crazy as we thought.

Wednesday i got sick again so we worked all day and came in a bit early because i was just doing really poorly.  But something cool happened that day.  Nabor got the Aaronic Priesthood and was ordained a priest!  It is so awesome to see our converts progressing so fastly!

Thursday i went in divisions with Elder Giles because Elder Tumbaco and Elder Gomez had to go to Tulua with an investigator to get her interview with the district president.  it was a slower day.

Friday was looong haha.  We spent the whole day just contacting because we're getting low on investigators.  We were BEAT at the end of the day! 

Saturday was Kenya's baptism!  (Nabor and Mery's daughter).  It was nice because Nabor baptized her!  She's the last person in the family (besides the 6 year old daughter) that we needed to baptize!  So now, 1 year from Valentines day, they can go be sealed in the temple!  We're excited! Makes the whole mission worth it. 

Sunday was a really good day.  We had a really REALLY good lesson with Ger.  The branch president's step daughter that just got home from her mission Thursday came with us and it was cool to have another missionary in the lesson.  She's SUPER spiritual which made it have a really good vibe in the lesson.  She was just being super forward and was like "Oh! youre attending church for 2 months?  when are you getting baptized?" haha and after talking about baptism, he said he felt really happy and excited when we talked about it so we put him on date for THIS SATURDAY!  We're gonna work really hard to make sure it happens.  Also, in church, Cleyder and Mery got callings as 1st and 2nd counselors to the primary!  We're super happy our converts got callings! 

Today we just slept, watched church movies and played guitar haha.  We're kinda getting bored of P Day because there's nothing really to do!  But it's nice to rest a bit (especially because we're sick.) but all is well!  That's about it for this week!

Love you all!

Elder Welch

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