Monday, January 11, 2016

01-05-16 to 01-11-15 Nabor and Mery's baptism‏

This was a pretty good week, and was very necessary to get back our spirits!

Tuesday was pretty normal.  A recent convert asked a weird question based off 
1 Corinthians 11 on whether or not woman need to cover their heads when they pray.  I thought it was a bunch of garbage but we gotta answer peoples questions, ya know?

Wednesday was pretty rad.  The Pensionista of the other Elders presented us 2 new families which was super cool! 

Thursday we had to travel to Cali for Leadership Council.  It was a long day but there's some cool new things!  January 20th, there's a worldwide missionary training from Salt Lake that we're gonna see, and everyone is super excited about it!  Also, the 12 apostles made a pretty big change in that the assistants to president are no longer going to do office work.  Instead they have to have the "example area" for the mission!  We're all super excited to see their numbers every week!  It's kinda becoming a competition haha.  We're all pretty excited!

Friday we got excited and worked HARD.  We've dropped almost all our investigators that arent progressing and have started contacting EVERY family we see in the street.  It's been exciting!  I also made the realization that i need to confide more in the spirit and less in myself.  We're starting to get powerful! 

Saturday we had the baptism of Nabor and Mery!  Wow!  It was the most spiritual baptism i've ever been to.  It wasnt even the service that was super impacting.  It was their testimonies after.  Both stood up and shared with everyone their testimonies, and i've never seen a more powerful and sincere conversion.  Both expressed great desire to go to the temple, and great gratitude for missionary work for finding them!  They both testified that they know the prophet is a word of God, that the Book of Mormon is true.  The spirit was SO strong.  There really are people out there 100% prepared by the Lord!  We just need to find them!

Sunday was a pretty good Sabbath.  When we got to church, we were surprised to see that President and Sister Pricoli came so we missionaries all stood up straight and prayed that our investigators would come to church haha.  But God couldnt have been more merciful!  We had a TON of people in the chapel, we had a family come to church, Nabor and Mery got confirmed, the gospel principles class we teach was solid, and the sacrament talks were really good.  We better be careful, we may become the "branch of Enoch" haha.  After church, we worked super hard, and contacted everyone!  I jokingly said "im gonna contact a motorcycle driving by!" and when i didnt do it, E'Gomez was like "why didnt you do it?!" so i said "would you be crazy enough to do it?" in that moment a motorcycle came and Elder Gomez waved it down hahaha i couldnt stop smiling while we talked to him.  IT was a good time.

Last night transfers came, and Elder Gomez and I are staying together!  Elder Palma went to the offices and the new elder is Elder Tumbaco.  Sister Panduro left and some new sister from Peru came.  but luckily our zone didnt change too much!  So we're SUPER excited to kill it this transfer!  We're gonna baptize a ton of families!  That's the goal!  Love you all!
Elder Welch
Back in November, Jake wrote that the Mina Family in Cali had been charged with false legal charges and were jailed and had their children taken away. Little Dayana was one of his recent converts and the parents were working really hard and were close to baptism. Today, Jake wrote this in my personal email: 
"Update on the Mina Mena Family: E'Chaiña told me they have their trial this week, so pray pray pray like crazy!"

Nabor's and Mery's Baptism

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