Monday, March 14, 2016

03-08-16 to 03-14-16 The fall of Mariluz

This week was super SUPER frustrating.  But I'M NOT DISCOURAGED!

Tuesday i gave my first zone meeting with Elder Roman in Pasto!  It is way interesting with 18 other missionaries to teach when before there were 8 haha.  But it went really well.  We're talking a lot about verification and focusing on the teachings from the world mission broadcast we had a few weeks ago.  Later that day, Elder Roman started having some really bad knee pains (he damaged them playing soccer awhile back) so we took it easy.  That night we met the N. familie's inactive son.  He's super rad, he's kind of a rocker haha he has long hair and listens to rock.  We kinda talked about class rock music to get his trust and we're gonna start working to help him come back to the church.  The family is really sad about it (him being inactive).

Wednesday was one of those days where we walked and walked and walked and walked like pioneer children haha. We helped bless a member's house in the morning, and talked a bit.  He served his mission in Boise Idaho so we spoke quite a bit of english haha.  He's a great guy.  That night we helped do role play in the mission prep class which was fun with all the young men preparing for their missions!  They're already a lot more prepared than i was!

Thursday We met a kind of crazy less active sister in the morning that is nearly atheist from some bad experiences.  Then in the afternoon we met an active family that lives kinda far and set up a FHE (for tonight!)

Friday we had a really good weekly planning where i set a goal to contact more.  Since that day, ive been going crazy talking to everyone!  haha it feels really good.  Something that was a bummer is that ALL of our appointments fell through. 

Saturday was ANOTHER day where we walked with nearly no appointments.  We're getting really frustrated because we're trying EVERYTHING to try and find and work and lift up this ward, but something always happens to cancel the appointments.  We feel like we're doing something wrong.  But we're being SUPER DUPER obedient, we're contacting, we're searching the member list for less actives, and walking A LOT.  I just hope something works so we can finally get some investigators. 

Sunday was kind of crazy.  We got some bad news.  If the Mariluz Ward doesn't get 150 attending the next 2 weeks (Sunday we had 75) theyre gonna close the ward.  We could even lose the chapel.  The area is really cracking down and theyve already closed a branch in Cali, and have sold several chapels in Bogota.  It's really sad that it's come to this, but it needs to happen.  The members need to step up or we'll lose blessings!  So now everyone is going crazy to bring less actives to church this week.  Super scary! 
Something good is that we got assigned a ward mission leader!  My first one in 5 months, since Valle Grande!  He's a returned missionary as of a year so he knows what's up.  We're happy about that.  So it's NOW OR NEVER FOR MARILUZ! 

In other news, the church came out with a new video for Easter! 
and share with the hashtag #hallelujah

Today we walked around downtown Pasto, and then hung out with Elder Zubiria and Elder Chaiña drinking mate and playing guitar!  It was a good time.

Love you all!  Have a rad week!  HALLELUJAH!

(He actually sent descriptions with the pictures this week, 
which was nice. I'll put them under each picture.)

The Galeras volcano from our apartment window

The clouds in Pasto (we're pretty high up)

Romàn and I chilling out 


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