Tuesday, March 29, 2016

03/22/16 to 03/28/16 Devils and Transfers!‏

Hey all!  Sorry i didnt write yesterday.  As the subject line states, I already got transfered.  Not gonna lie, I'm really really sad I had to leave Pasto already, after only 5 weeks.  We were finally getting some super solid investigators!  But what can you do?  In the mission, the leaders command and us missionaries obey.  I've been lowered from zone leader to district leader and sent to the city of Palmira to train!  I'm gonna have another son!  Today i'm in trio in Cali with Elder Cortes and Elder Hutchison, but tomororw I go to get my boy.  His name is Elder Ramirez and the assistents say he's from Argentina.  Che!  More mate! 
So this week was a really interesting one.  It was actually the most successful of all the weeks in Pasto (of course they have to take me out now) and I had another crazy experience! 

Wednesday I was in divisions with Elder Soares from Brazil, and we went to talk to a less active in a poorer neighborhood of my area called Pandiaco.  When we got there, he told us that a devil entered into his neighbor the night before and that they needed our help.  Oh hey!  Not again! 
So we went and holy cow it was a bit crazier than the last time.  We walked into this super poor house made of sheet metal and cardboard and in a room in the back we heard a lady screaming "LEAVE!  LEAVE!  GET OUT!" (but you know in Spanish).  So we went back and a lady was squirming on her bed screaming as loud as she could.  I was kind of shocked not gonna lie.  So we asked if we could move her into a sitting position to be able to put our hands on her, and the less active member and a relative moved the lady to the edge of the bed.  But as soon as they did, she started hitting the relative!  Then she crawled across the bed, grabbed a cross off the wall and threw it at me!  It hit me in the leg, (didnt hurt too bad but still!) and then she layed down and cried.  All this happened in 5 min and I already knew we'd have to come back in fast.  Soooo

(I think he means they would have to come back while fasting from food and water. His sentence structure is suffering from speaking Spanish, haha.)

Friday we went back and the demoniac lady answered the door!  And she was normal!  She explained that her family took her to a Catholic Priest and that he cured her!  NO!  They beat us to the punch!  But we know that he doesnt have the correct authority so its as good as shoveling dirt on top of dirt.  We asked if we could come back Sunday and she said yes.

Sunday we went back, but this time in fast and with the son of the Pensionista and the son of the Bishop (both Elders).  We got there and the lady told us that since that Catholic Father helped her, she's slept well and hasnt seen anything.  But she said she has been getting the cold chills all the time and that it is really unsettling.  So she invited us in to give her a blessing.  We went into a different room this time, sat her down and some of her family came in (all old folks).  I offered to give the annointing, and placed my hands on her head.  As soon as i had said her name, and stated that the blessing was in the name of Jesus Christ i could feel her moving.  When i stated the authority of the Priesthood, she hit my hands off her head, threw back in her chair and starting screaming!  I was stunned as well as the others, and then she starting pointing in the corner of the room yelling "THERE IT IS!  THERE IT IS!"  Shoot, none of us wanted to turn and look hahaha.  She cried and starting saying the Lord's Prayer while we waited for her to calm down.  When she came back to her senses, my comp said "It's okay, it's okay.  Elder Welch is going to annoint you again."  I was like "HUH".  haha so that time i did it a lot faster and a lot more powerful.  I finished and we all put our hands on her head and Elder Roman gave the blessing.  Nothing happened but the pensionista's son said he could feel her hair standing up and touching his hand.  We all felt a bad spirit there.  We finished and she said she felt like her head was burning, but she felt more calm.  So we gave her water, blessed the house and left.  WOW!  What a rush!
So that was a really interesting experience.  Also really cool to see the Priesthood at work.  We were gonna go back during the week to see how she's going, but I guess Elder Roman and his new comp will have to go! 

So yeah!  That was the most exciting thing about last week.  This week should be an interesting one.  My 4th time opening area!  I sure hope the Elders left an area book this time! 
Love you all!
Elder Welch

He promised me in my personal letter that he has 3 weeks of pictures to upload next week so I'm looking forward to that :)

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