Monday, April 4, 2016

03-28-16 to 04-04-16 My son and general conference!‏

This week has been a lot of changes. 

Monday I traveled all day, and wow.  It hit me.  The HEAT.  It was SO HOT!  From cool Pasto to the humid hot valley of Cali.  I was dying!

Tuesday I was in divisions with the zone leaders of the Versalles zone in Cali, and I'm not gonna lie.  I was pretty bored all day haha I don't like not being in my own area.  I feel like there's so many things that aren't happening that I want to do!  But it's alright.

Wednesday I went to the offices to have my second Training for the trainers meeting.  It was the same as the first time when i trained Elder Chaiña haha and every with me has trained before too!  So it went by rather fast.  After, I met my son!  His name is Elder Ramirez, and he's from Santa Fe Argentina.  He's 19 years old, a member of 5 years and he's a really good kid.  He's got a peculiar personality but it makes it kind of fun hahaha. 
As soon as we got to the house, he opened up the area book and started looking for investigators!  His initiative surprised me!  So we immediately set out looking for the pensionista and other members.

Thursday we did a lot of walking.  All day.  And had zero appointments.  I felt kind of bad for my son, but he's a good sport.  The struggles of opening area... I'm used to it though haha.  Technically my 4th time, but you could say 6th or 7th if you consider that I've arrived to areas that had nothing.  I'm kind of good at opening areas now.

Friday we finally had some appointments!  We found some really solid investigators, one being a married couple that was gonna get baptized 2 years ago but lost contact with the missionaries when she left to take care of her sick mother.  It was a pleasant miracle. 

Saturday and Sunday was GENERAL CONFERENCE! 
I had many feelings during all the talks. 
1. I'm SO grateful for temples and my family!  What a miracle, and a blessing.  (I got kind of trunky)
2. We need to get to work to rescue our lost family and friends!  We need plans!  Ideas! 
3. I'm so grateful for repentance.
4. We need to start family council when i get home mom and dad hahaha

All in all, nothing beats listening to the inspired and chosen leaders that God has sent us.  We truly are blessed to have the restored gospel in our lives.

Love you all!  Have a great week!

With Elder Roman in Pasto

 I sure hope they didn't eat it O_O

 I'm guessing this is the Zone in Pasto

 With Brother and Sister Narvaez in Pasto

"My Pensionista Sister Hilda and her son Diego in Pasto" 

"This is me with all the zone leaders and sister trainer 
leaders with Sister and President Pricoli"

New Palmira Companion, Elder Ramirez from Argentina

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