Monday, April 18, 2016

04-12-16 to 04-18-16 Struggling with Samanes‏

Wow!  This week we've been battling the area! 

Tuesday we had interviews with President.  It went really well!  We waited forever, but i was grateful when it was my turn.  i love president, and sister Pricoli!  Also, Sister Pricoli brought me some things i had Elder Roman buy for me in Pasto!  I got a rad new Poncho, and a few other things!  I'll send the pics next week!  Something interesting is that night i met a guy who claimed that 13 days ago he had died, went to the 3rd heaven and talked to God.  He said God told him that there are no true churches and that he had to start his own.  His evidence was he said when you talk to God a lump comes out of your forehead.  Sure enough, he had the lump!  hahaha gotta love people.

Wednesday, all our appointments fell through.  We've been trying to set up a ton of FHE lately to try and get some references.  There really isnt a way to contact in the street because everyone closes in their houses during the day.  And member references are the bomb!

Thursday was another day of walking with few appointments.  But in the night time we met a family that had listened to the missionaries a while back and almost got baptized!  the reason why they didnt is because the husband is from a country next to Israel, and was married over there.  And in his country divorce doesnt exist!  So he can't get married here!  kinda crazy!  But theyre really good, and the wifes sister we met lives in the US and is here until January.  i wanna baptized her so i can have a convert in the states hahaha.  I just hope they progress!  That night we had a FHE with a family but the person they were gonna invite didnt come...

Friday we had few appointment.  Again.  That night we had a FHE with he Branch president, but the people he invited couldnt come.

Saturday we had a pretty good appointment with F.  But Guess what we found out?  HE'S BAPTIZED.  He got baptized when he was 14 (He's 42) and has been inactive ever since!  Frick!  But I dont care we're gonna activate him.  His family that's active said he seems more motivated than he's been in a while.  That night we had a FHE but the people the members were gonna invite WENT OUT OF TOWN!  We feel like some unseen force is fighting to keep investigators away from us hahaha. 

Sunday we had a conference for the area (Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador)  transmitted from SLC and Elder Oaks, Elder Hales, Sis McConkie and a member of the 70 talked!  It was funny, Elder Oaks did the first part of his talk in Spanish!  His Spanish was awful and he said he prepared it just for this haha but he wanted to address the people in their own language.  I found it VERY thoughtful and awesome!  In the afternoon we joined the branch council in a group effort to visit all the less actives and recent converts in the other elders area and next week we're gonna do the same in our area.  I think it went well and it motivated the members a lot. 

Today we went to a place called The Paradise thats a house where they filmed a Colombian soap opera called La Maria.  (soap operas are HUGE here).  It was a good time! 

Ive made a decision this week.  If worse comes to worse here in Palmira, and i dont baptize (WORSE COMES TO WORSE) I feel like I can at least try and motivate and edify the branch here.  My plan is to teach them how to work effectively as a branch council and hopefully the reactivation and retention can go up.  But I'm not discouraged!  Frustrated... kind of... 
Pray for my area :)
Love you all!
Elder Welch

"Playing Janga and eating cookies haha (funny face)"
(He say's "funny face". I say, "concentration" face :))

 "Baking cookies!"

"The Paradise" 

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