Monday, April 11, 2016

04-05-16 to 04-11-16 Arrancando (that means "getting started")‏

This week has been a battle, but hey.  Opening area haha. 

Tuesday i gave my first district meeting since Andalucia.  I'm a bit rusty haha.  But it went well!  My district is just me, Elder Ramirez, and the zone leaders Elder Herrera (who lived with me in Ipiales) and Elder Lish from Idaho.  Phew, tuesday was a good day for references.  In the afternoon, a member presented us a family (THEY'RE MARRIED), a member named Andres Cruz (he always accompanies the missionaries here) presented us another family, and in the night time our pensionista presented us ANOTHER family!  We were pretty happy, what do I tell ya? 

Wednesday was a bit less busy, but it was still good.  We had some lessons with some of our best investigators.  One is Gui.  He's excellent.  The missionaries met him recently and just in time, because he's been passing through some AWFUL trials.  One being divorce, and the other lung cancer... in my boat that's gotta be 2 of the worse things you could have happen.  But he has a very positive attitude all the time and trusts in God.  He reads his Book of Mormon chapters we leave and prays.  He's waiting for the answer to get baptized.  At the end of the lesson, we offered him a blessing of health.  It was very spiritual.
The other is F.  F is the uncle of a missionary here in Palmira, and he has recented the discussions before but FOREVER ago.  He knows a lot, but never got baptized.  This time around, he told us he's trying harder.  He reads and prays and is also waiting for an answer.

Thursday we spent the majority of the day visiting members to get references.  But wow, we're starting to need more ideas to find investigators.  In Palmira, almost NO ONE is in the street.  So contacting families doesnt work.  References is good, but it doesnt give us the quanity we need to stay busy.  Me may result to knocking doors... (that's heresy in this mission haha)

Friday i completed 18 months!  Crap!  And to make it worse, our plans A,B,C,D, and even F fell through.  Zero appointments.  Bummmmer.  On top of that i got a mad stomach ache that killed me all day and sent me to the bathroom more than once... haha ugghh

Saturday We worked on getting some investigators committed to come to church.  As a result, we found out that the day after we gave Gui the blessing, he heard something burst inside of him and had to go to the clinic.  So we went with Andres Cruz to the clinic to visit him.  I'm not sure what happened to him, but he's getting better.  it was nice to go to the hospital and visit... but i hate hospitals haha they remind me of zombies movies.  My companion was a bit confused why the blessing didnt work like he thought.  I explained that sometimes the Lord's will is different.  or maybe his body reacted like that so he could get to the hospital and treat something more serious.  We just dont know. 

Sunday was my first sacrament meeting in Palmira!  It was rad to play piano again, and great to take the sacrament.  This branch has very little attending, only like 40 or 50 and it's in a house chapel.  But the house chapel is actually pretty nice!  Sunday i was reflecting a lot in the type of missionary i've become, and so quickly.  I've become VERY organized (are you happy mom?) :) and VERY obedient.  I'm trying to be very strict to receive the blessings.  But I feel good where im at, even if the success isnt coming like i want it to. 

Today we made cookies with Andres Cruz!  He has an oven so we made them and played Janga, and connect 4 haha.  It was a nice day.  So yeah that was my week! 

We're taking a bit to get started, but I'm sure the Lord will bless us.  My son (Elder Herrera) is doing great, he's learning fast and is trying to be good to apply what i teach!  We get along well, and all in all, i'm grateful im training.  it gave me the push i needed to better myself. 
love you all!
Elder Welch

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