Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I was lucky enough to speak with the MTC President's wife, Sis. Dyer, on Sunday before Jake left (I'll tell ya, that was comfort to a mom!). They needed Jake to bring a couple of things in his suitcase as the mail takes forever. Anyway, she told me Jake would get to send a quick email today letting us know he's arrived safely.  Knowing that, I made sure he had an email waiting for him from me :) I asked 12 questions and he answered MOST of them, haha! His answers are in italics. (sorry, some of the questions are inside jokes.) He'll email more on his regular P-Day which will alternate Fridays and Tuesdays. 

1. Did the flight go ok? I saw your flight to Atlanta was delayed! We actually arrived 20 min early so all is well!

2. Did you visit with Parker? That was cool/weird to see the whole Bullock clan there! i never saw him!

3. Did your luggage make it all right? I can't believe I didn't have you tag it. Your suitcases came with leather tags...they're probably in the zipper pocket inside, haha :) Yes I got both of them!

4. Did you get shepherd's pie? haha no but i got chicken with chili for FREEE

5. Did you get a whole can of Coke? heck yeah

6. Are you proud of me for only crying a little? ;) I was sad I couldn't say more but I couldn't get it out, haha :) I know you know how much I love you though so it's all good. haha yeah i am! I was surprised how confident i felt and it was all okay once i got with the other elders!

7. How's the weather?!? Cloudy most of the time but it has been raining.

8. Did you make any friends?

9. Do you have a companion yet? Name? From...?

10. Are you feeling ok? Physically, emotionally?...

11. Did everyone like your Jesus stickers?

12. Is it beautiful? haha all i've seen is dirty buildings out of my window.

So everyone is a crazy driver here haha in class i enjoyed just watching them out of the window. on the plane me and an elder from Bountiful tried talking to a woman from Colombia and i was surprised that we got our conversation across haha! she gratefully accepted our pass along card haha. also the keyboard here is really really weird. gratefully theres 20 greenies so i dont feel stressed at all! im getting really excited and sister dyer is a peach. more detes to come, but not until tuesdsay!
con amor, Elder Welch

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