Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 2 (with pictures!)

(I caught him in the middle of emailing again! I promise, I don't sit by the computer waiting all day, haha! My notes are in italics-Wendy)

Hey all!  So this last week has been pretty much the same. (especially considering i emailed 5 days ago haha) Since then i've had my first p day, and it turns out it's only 5 hours and they schedule what you do and when.  But what ever, fine by me.  We've had a thief going about stealing money but the money was only stolen from 1 room so we're suspicious it was someone in that room.  Hundreds of dollars went missing though and poor President Dyer was distraught.  He gave an entire talk in sacrament meeting on it.

We have a challenge here to find all 6 times in the Book of Mormon it uses the phrase *one by one* and I found then all!  The reward was 9 jet bars, so i'm rolling in the stickers!!  Like I said, other than that, it's been the same.  Study study study.  Last night my good friends/roomies left for their missions.  Elder Allen and Elder Fuentes.  I'll miss those 2, but they'll be amazing.  If the internet can keep up I have a TON of photos. Chao!

I told him I'd mailed a couple of letters this week and he answered: Some kids have been gettin letters so we figure it takes about 2 weeks to get them so im pretty excited!  

I told him his letter was too short :) and I asked him some questions:

haha sorry... everyday is seriously pretty much exactly the same so not much has happened new. 

-Is the food getting old? I've heard it's bland. Should I send some spices?  
         It's fine, I actually really like the food minus the rice for 2 meals a day every day
-Are you taking your vitamins?
         I CAN'T REMEMBER TO FOR THE LIFE OF ME SORRY MUM (Some things never change)
-Do you get to play the piano more than just meetings?
         Only after meals if my companion feels like it haha I played for an Elder who loves pianos and made his day

I'll give some more details about our teaching practices,  So I told you we have an "Investigator" named Renzo and we have to teach in 100 percent spanish.  So the other day he dropped the bomb that he got his girlfriend pregnant so we had to hurry and teach the Law of Chastity off the top of our heads!  Good thing we both (Jake and his companion) have 4 years of spanish so it went alright.  But yesterday was the last day with him and he was kind of a lost cause but it was nice to get some feedback on how we did.  He said we teach well together and our spanish is Muy Bien.  It was a cool experience but only the beginning.  Now we're gonna get TWO INVESTIGATORS.  We'll kill it though. 

PS- the hair cutter here hunts down kids with long hair so I got it chopped the 2nd day haha

I gotta go!  Love ya mom!  send my love to the rest of the fam too!  

I think this is all of the missionaries at the CCM.

His District
(His companion, Elder McCain, is 3rd from the left)

Elder McCain and Elder Welch

Made me happy to see his poncho laid out on his top bunk :)

I'm guessing this is the view from either class or his room

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