Monday, December 15, 2014

First Baptism! 12-9-14 to 12-15-14

In his email to me, Jake mentioned that he's feeling homesick and struggling a little with being the minority in his apartment on top of language barriers and getting the flu. Phew! Awesome and worst week is right! Extra prayers would be appreciated!  
Thanks everyone!

So this week has been awesome and the worst all in one!  So first off, last Monday night Lopez and I found out we were the best missionaries in the entire mission stats wise so WOO! Tuesday, Mejia and Herrera had 2 investigators getting married so they could be baptized this weekend, so the first part of the day we were running around helping them find rides and to get ready.  What made that difficult was it was POURING rain.  Seriously the hardest I have EVER seen in my life.  I had a rain coat and umbrella and was soaked, and the roads were rivers.  So when we got to the judicial building to marry them, me and the other elders were soggy hahaha.  Their wedding was incredibly humble.  they were dressed for the occasion, but they were married in an official office and their "reception" was in their shack of a home.  But they were super happy so I was too!  What was frustrating was the family of 4 of our 5 baptisms decided they want to wait to be baptized until the 10th of January.  So only Antonio was gonna be baptized.  But hey 1 is better than nothing that's for sure! 1 soul is great in the eyes of God!  And that night, when visiting with Antonio, Lopez said he wanted ME to baptize Antonio!  WOO!  The next day, Wednesday, I woke up with awful diarrhea, so I spent a lot of the day in a members house while the others went proselyting.  Something else sad is because of the disobedience in the zone Palmyra, Herrera was emergency transferred and changed with Elder Bello from Peru.  Thursday started out slow because lots of our appointments fell through for some reason.  But we had a really spiritual lesson with the Branch presidents inactive daughter.  Shes coming a long really well!  That night we watched The Testaments church movie with Diego and Karen's family and it was amazing.  I admit it was pretty cheesy but the Spirit was there.  Friday sucked.  I slept a lot of the day because my body started aching really really bad, and that night we were suppose to have a movie night at the chapel while we gave baptismal interviews but only Rosa, a lady being baptized of Mejia and Bello showed up.  After that, my body got worse, I got the chills and a super high fever of 102.  SO yeah... night before baptisms I got the flu.  So I asked Lopez to give me a blessing of healing, because there was NO way I wasn't going to baptize Antonio.  So I rested and guess what?  The next day I woke up and felt fine!  THE POWER OF THE PRIESTHOOD!  So we went to the other lower chapel to practice chorus with our district, because next week is a zone conference in Popayan, and theres a contest to learn songs in English!  I dont know if I've mentioned it, but Latinos are the most tone deaf people in the entire world.  It makes me cringe hahaha.  So that day was spend preparing for the baptisms that night.  The problem was... the font was full of dead bugs and the cleaning closet was locked.... so while Bello and I went to get the baptism clothes, we left that to be Lopez and Mejia's problem haha.  So ALL WORKED OUT!  I baptized Antonio!  It was way cool too see the joy in his face afterwards.  And I totally forgot I had ibuprofen in my pocket so after, it looked like I had blood all over my shirt hahahaha!  It was a fun cool experience.  and I've already baptized someone within a month of being in the field.  NO BIG DEAL :) That night Lopez kept going off about a mission tradition called "airre" which means air.  Turns out it was a sick hazing act where they pin you down and jab you in the stomach really fast.  That kind of made me angry.  But whatever haha I got over it.  Sunday, Antonio was suppose to give a talk because he volunteered but for some stupid reason they wouldn't let him!  But we confirmed him, Rosa, and the couple that was married earlier this week with the Holy Ghost.  It was cool to stand in on the circle, and even cooler to see the light in their eyes.  Those kind of things are priceless.  The rest of the day we were with Members so Lopez could say good bye.  Today we went to LAS LAJAS!  We had so much fun haha.   It's an AMAZING place.  But I repeat myself as I have before.  I don't feel peace in catholic chapels, they're so focused on the riches of things.  The walls on the path leading to the chapel are COVERED in plaques thanking the Virgin Mary for their lives.  It actually really bothers me how much they worship Mary and not as much Christ here.  I literally only saw like 3 images of Christ there but thousands of Mary.  Doesn't make sense.  But it was amazing none the less!  SO yea!  There's my week!  Tomorrow Lopez leaves, and since no new elders are coming, I'll be in a trio with Mejia and Bello until JANUARY.  NO!  I'm about to learn patience.  hahaha! 
love you all! 
Elder Welch

ps Karen says she loves you all a lot.  haha!  (This mom is glad for kind people like Karen!)

The cute newlyweds.  (They look so young!) 

 Antonio and Elder Welch

 Diego's and Karen's adorable son

 Little tree in his apartment (LOOK! 2 of the 3 packages I sent made it, haha)

 With Elder Lopez

 Goofing off at the Las Lajas Sanctuary overlook

 Las Lajas Sanctuary

The plaques at the sanctuary thanking the Virgin Mary

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