Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 2 in the field!

A little Q&A with Elder Welch

Q: Is the picture of you with the short little missionary you and Elder Lopez?
A: Yup!  dont let his height fool you, he's 22 hahaha!  Latino probs.  I'm pretty much a giant here.  people are baffled when they find out I'm 18.  "QUE JOVEN" (how young!)

Q: Where do you go to do your emailing?
A: last week was at a members home but right now I'm emailing at an internet cafe. 

Q: Are the 4 of you in your apartment the only missionaries in Ipiales?
A: No, there's 12 missionaries in Ipiales.  There's me and lopez, mejia and herrerra, penafiel and rodriguez, monteiro and paskett, and 2 sisters that i cant remember their names and 2 other elders! 

Alright so this week was pretty average and great all at the same time!  So i don't have my journal with me so I won't be as thorough with each day (sorry mum) but it was awesome!  so we've been making progress with our investigators and less actives.  our biggest ones are Antonio, Tatiana, and Gyovanni and his family.  Because they all have baptism dates for the 11th of December!  that makes 6 for us and if the baptisms work out for the other elders in our branch, we'll have 11 baptisms that day!  Antonio had his baptism interview friday but sadly enough he didnt pass because his smoking addiction is proving difficult.  but he's the nicest man.  he's 60 years old and lives in a shack the size of a trailer but a lot more humble.  Saturday all day we helped do service by replacing the cardboard under his tarp roof with sheet metal, and replacing his tarp insulation with a thicker rubber coated fabric.  He was so grateful, it was awesome to see the happiness in his eyes.  Nothing much has happened, it's just been raining a lot here. here's some fun cultural differences here!  So everything at the store is in bags.  milk, ketchup, yogurt etc. it's honestly obnoxious so i find the boxed milk, but still, i have to buy lactose free.  dont worry its surprisingly cheap here!  another thing is it's completely normal for women to breast feed their babies in public here so it's surprising when a woman in the middle of sacrament meeting or family home evening just whips it out in front of everyone.  I've gotten pretty good at quickly adverting my eyes haha.  Also men just pee where ever they dang well please here.  No matter who's around.   I laugh at how many things are legal here.  Oh the joys of another country... so Friday I got to go teach english at an institute!  A member named Franklin is a teacher there and he asked me to come help his students practice!  they range from 14 to about 30 years old.  It was funny how many times i got asked in broken english what my favorite movie was but it was way fun.  But were the snakes slithering!  I got asked by around 6 girls to take a photo with them!  but hey, that was also 6 references hahahaha!  It was way fun.  Last night we were at Karen and Diegos house with Tatiana, and they had friends over that were'nt members!  it was a couple and their son.  They had a billion questions but mostly about our missions.  when they found out our ages, what we're doing and everything like that, that thought we were crazy!  But they also listened to our message on temples and i could tell the mom felt the spirit!  so we got 3 new investigators!  Wooop!  Anyways I'm out of time.  and no photos today.  doesn't matter because we didn't get to go to las lajas.  hopefully next week! 
love you all!
Hasta luego!

Elder Welch
In his letter to Tayler he said that Ipiales is one of the safest places in his mission so that's good news :)

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