Monday, July 20, 2015

07-14-15 to 07-20-15

This week has been mostly good!  Pretty quiet as well which is nice. 

Tuesday was great!  We got 3 new investigators from a master plan.  So we were in my area in a neighborhood called La Pradera, and we passed a house that was up for rent.  Since the new elders are leaving we decided we'd ask about it.  Its rather far from the store and church but we figured why not!  we can just contact!  So we asked about it, and it worked better than we thought!  We explained how mission housing works, and they asked about our church!  Yeah!  So we ended up bringing up the gospel, and even had a lesson with them! 

Wednesday was decent.  We stopped by a lot of members houses to check up on people and offer service.  Also our less active S said he wants to serve a mission!  He told us with tears in his eyes.  But i guess the problem is he had a problem and has his priesthood rights/sacrament rights suspended for HALF A YEAR.  Noooo!  So we're helping him strengthen himself.  That night was also our first night of an activity we're starting!  It'll be every week, and the idea is that people come, invite members and investigators so we can find more people to teach and give them a friend in the church at the same time.  It went really well!  We taught a lesson and played games!  The hope is that more and more people can come and we can strengthen the ward. 

Thursday was rough.  All but one of our appointments fell through.  But at least it was a good lesson!  It was with a woman named Bet, and she was really great!  She said she felt peaceful and wonderful when we taught her the restoration.  We have high hopes for her!  Besides that, it was hitting the pavement all day. 

Friday we had interviews with the President!  This time around, i had NOTHING to say!  So it only lasted about 5 min!  I love asking questions but for now, ive got nothin.  I also memorized the 13 articles of faith to recite to Sister Pricoli!  Its actually pretty cool to have memorized as a missionary, i can answer questions really affectively.  The rest of the day after was kinda hard honestly.  First problem is we found Abner's dog Mandy wandering in the street and i guess she is in LOVE with us because she started following us everywhere!  We tried ditching her at Abners house, but no one was home!  So she followed us.  ALL. OVER. MY AREA!  She ran into peoples houses, and was a burden all day haha but i must admit it was really funny.  We kept joking how Mandy is better and coming with us then the members hahaha. 

Saturday was pretty good.  Our best lesson was with Bet. We didnt have time for a really long lesson but we read from the Book of Mormon.  She had a really good question.  Her parents both died and she wants to know where they are!  We've got the answers!  She is just really good at listening.  Something frustrating is another one of our good investigators had her birthday and said she was going to a farm to get drunk to celebrate.  And for that reason she didnt come to church the next day.  Im so frustrated!  None of the investigators we've found in Jamundi progress!  I dont know why!  Just keep working I guess. 

Sunday was kinda rough.  Almost none of our investigators came to church which is frustrating.  So many said they would come!  A mans word just doesnt mean much anymore.  That night we met with our investigator from the church of the prophet William Branham, and he had his buddy from the church there.  They invited us in, and we shared the message of the restoration.  But man, they are HARD people!  They believe in a lot of weird things, like that God created the "pillar of fire" as a way to know prophets, that Heavenly Father and Christ are one person, that you should only baptize in the name of Christ and not in the name of the Father and the Spirit etc.  We avoided contention but it felt kind of contentious.  Im SO grateful to have the true church in my life honestly.  Just seeing the confusion makes me sad!  We just have it all so right!  That's my motive I guess.

Today we played soccer at the church with all the young men which was fun.  I still suck but i had a good time.  Love you all! 

Elder Welch

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