Monday, July 13, 2015

07-07-15 to 07-13-15

So this week has been way better! 
Tuesday was interesting because we taught a guy from some church with a prophet.  The church here is called the Tabernacle of Jamundi but i guess its in the whole world!  He told us his prophet is like a "john the baptist" to prepare the way for the savior in the 2nd coming.  but the prophet died like 40 years ago so bummer!  but the investigator is willing to read the Book of Mormon with a willing heart so cool! 

Wednesday was pretty good.  At the beginning of the day we talked to one of the wards new converts whos like 15 years old, and he told us he's atheist now!  Nice!  I think if someone believed In God but now doesnt, it's probably because they don't understand him.  Later that day we ran into a contact and i think she's kinda crazy because she told us how her neighborhood is full of "Satanic Homosexuals and Pentecostals."  haha!  So we just said okay and went our way.  That night we had a good lesson with some of our investigators.  The 1st counselor from the bishopric came named Paul, and he bore a very good testimony about how he came to know the church is true.  (he's a member of 5 years).  It was a super nice lesson. 

Thursday was pretty normal. Something funny is that morning Dalton found a phone number in the phone of 1234567895 so he called and someone answered!  He hurry and hung up, and Bello got curious and called again asking for "bed repairs" or a welder.  I guess because it started with 123 it was the CALI POLICE!  haha!  woops!  They were nice though and said they could help him find a number for that.  We also talked with a lady she tried to tell us the spirit is the father of Jesus.  weird.  That night we met a guy named Juan G. He's really rad, and studied with the missionaries in Argentina for a while.  I think he can be good!  He was also raised Jewish so i learned about the Jewish beliefs which is interesting. 

Friday was pretty slow until around 5 when we met up with S, the recent convert we're reactivating.  The good news is he said he wants to serve a mission and get his Patriarchal blessing!  We read Nephi 17 with him and his grandparents and talked about Faith and Obedience.  2 VERY important things for our progression and salvation. 

Saturday was kind of a bummer day.  After lunch we had a lesson with Car, but at the end she said she doesn't want to listen to us for a while because she has some problems in the family.  I can see Satan has probably been working on her.  And i guess he had his little victory on us that day.  But Satan never wins, and i know she'll come back.  Later we went and talked with the black Baptist ladies we met but at the end of our lesson, they said they wouldnt read the Book of Mormon because they think it would just "confuse" them.  I said that that was a false assumption because the Book of Mormon CLARIFIES everything, and that they need to at least try it, but they said no.  I was frustrated for their ignorance, but we left heavy hearted.  It's hard sometimes to see people who love God have the truth in their hands and deny it. 

Sunday we had the 2nd activity of the 40 years of our mission!  It was super rad, we heard 4 or 5 talks from old mission presidents and also we listened to a member of the 70!  I got to sing in the choir which was super fun as well!  My favorite was when we sang Battle Hymn of the Republic at the end SUPER powerful!  I felt he spirit while we sang which is rare for me!  (i always feel it listening but rarely while singing).  I think I'll join ward choir when i get home!  and of course, taking pictures and talking with people was wonderful.  After the activity, we went to Abner's house, and they gave us all dinner. 

Today has been normal, just resting.  Besides that... ELDER DALTON LEFT IN EXTRA OFFICIAL TRANSFERS! NO!  he left for Popayan as district leader.  He'll be great, he's honestly and excellent missionary.  But I'll sure miss him.  anyways, this week was good!  I'm feeling way better about my companion, and we're staying busy!  Love you all!  remember God loves you and the Book of Mormon is true!
Elder Welch
 Our family was able to watch the 40 Year Mission Celebration on Sunday afternoon via webcast! It was so fun to see Jake's cute face for 2 hours and to hear him sing with the choir. He sat right behind and to the left of the pulpit so I just stared at him the whole time, haha :)  He said when he sat behind the speaker, he hoped we were watching :)
 Jake's Great-Grandpa Petersen passed away Thursday and I had to send him the sad news. I sure hope this is the last death I have to email him about. As per usual, Jake takes everything in stride. His response was one of gratitude for the Plan of Salvation. Love this kid!

PS-Thank you for your prayers! You can see from his letter that our prayers were answered and things have improved :)

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