Monday, July 6, 2015

06-30-15 to 07-06-15

Alright, so i forgot to bring my journal with me today to remember my week so this week will be a bit shorter.  Sorry! It's the first time i've forgotten in months! I honestly dont remember anything until saturday!  But that is pretty much the biggest day.  So saturday was THE 4TH OF JULY!  happy birthday America!  It was a rad day.  We went in divisions for the first time!  Me and Dalton killed it!  The first lesson we had was with Car.  She is doing pretty good, she actually read what we left for her and her kids said they loved church and wanna come again!  Cool!  After we talked to Jose and Luz, some investigators we talked to when i first got to Jamundi!  Jose was the one who had weird questions like "where did black people come from?"  it was rough because i guess hes super Atheist, and we basically had to tell him we have our beliefs and he has his.  But luz wants to keep listening and is super interested! 

For lunch, we cooked chili dogs in the house and listened to MoTab American hymns haha it was beautiful.  After that the day was pretty normal with a few lessons.  At the end of the day, we had some time before our last appointment because an appointment fell, so we knocked doors.  One family we knocked on their door, and offered a blessing with a little message and without hesitating the wife said "yeah!  I'll throw down the keys!"  woah!  Rad!  so we talked a bit and she said she wants her kids to have God more in their lives and stuff!  We have another appointment tonight!  So all in all, we had 5 lessons and 4 new investigators Saturday!  Talk about good day! 

The downside was the other two companions fought.  Bad.  They stopped working around 4 and searched for us the rest of the day.  I was so mad honestly.  They kept arguing like little girls so i sat them down at the house and we had a bit of a counsel.  I listened to both sides of their stories and counseled them with love, and made goals.  I honestly learned a lot how to be a leader from that.  I prayed and followed the spirit.  It was super frusterating, but cool what i learned.  Concerning my comp, this week has been better.  After I wrote "CONTENCIÓN ES EL ESPÍRITU DEL DIABLO. NO MAS BROMAS QUE ENOJAN A OTROS" on our whiteboard, hes calmed down.  I feel like everything ive learned from the hardships in this area will really help me later on.  So All is well!  I'm grateful for my hardships!  Besides that, nothing much happened.  Love you all!
He's putting on a brave face and trying to have a good attitude but I know this area has been hard on him so any extra prayers in his behalf would be appreciated. Thank you! ~Wendy

Happy 4th of July America!

Elder Welch and Elder Dalton pay tribute to
all things American (haha!) It made me laugh
and cry at the same time. I sure miss this goofy kid.

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