Monday, June 29, 2015

06-22-15 to 06-29-15 Baptisms!

This week was pretty good, yet normal. 
Monday night, that investigator of Dalton and Bello called me and I got to see what she wanted!  She asked me all sorts of questions like my age and if I was searching for someone, and all that jazz.  Im not sure if she was wanting to hook up with me or hook me up with her younger sister (more probable) but it was super weird!  I straight up said we dont search that stuff as missionaries and stuff.  Why is this happening to me lately?!

Tuesday we met with [two of] our investigators and told them if they don't come to church, we're not teaching them anymore.  The ultimatum.  And they didnt come so BUMMER! 

Wednesday i started out the day feeling really bummed out and stressed but i felt better when we left the house and helped some people move into their house on the floor below us.  We lifted all sorts of things, and it made me feel good to help.  They said God sent them 2 angels to help them out!  Woop! 

Thursday we had to go to Cali for a mini zone meeting where they told us about the choir we're gonna sing in on the 12th of July for the 40 year celebration of the mission for return missionaries.  It should be cool, a member in Cali wrote a special mission hymn! 

Friday was slow work-wise due to the game of Colombia vs. Argentina.  No one let us in that day!  Even our ward mission leader canceled correlation for it!  It was pretty intense though from what i got to see in the streets.  It went 0,0 the whole game and went into penalty kicks.  Colombia lost though.  BUMMER!  But Friday i gave my first baptismal interviews to Dalton and Bello's investigators Juan David and Kevin!  (they were mine for 3 weeks too haha).  But they both passed and Kevin asked me to baptize him!  I guess i did something right those 3 weeks hahaha. 

Saturday we went to the chapel early to clean it all up and get it spick and span for the baptism!  Afterwards, me and Yujra went out searching people out in an area we dont hit too much.  We found quite a few people including a pentecostal who demanded us all sorts of things in the name of Jesus Christ.  he was strange.  But that night we had the baptisms!  It was a nice service.  All the rad families from the ward came to support and made them feel like theyre part of a big new family!  Yay baptisms! 

Sunday was super long.  We had to go to Cali for choir practice and were there from 3:30 to 8.  I was tuckered out!  Lots of singing!

Concerning my new companion Yujra, he's proving to be quite a challenge.  He is CONSTANTLY doing every little thing possible to bother me.  examples being he turns off the light at night in the room where i write in my journal, he pulls my arm hairs, he pulls my tie, he pulls my chair out from under me when i go to sit, he puts my jam in the freezer, he hides my things etc etc.  And this is CONSTANT!  Ill be surprised if i dont go crazy by the end of this transfer.  So just pray for me and him please haha, 

Today i just hung out in the apartment and went to a few places with Dalton.  Love you all! 

Elder Welch



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