Monday, June 22, 2015

06-16-15 to 06-22-15 SURPRISE! Elder Yujra is here!‏

This week has been full of surprises!
Tuesday was a good day but it was SUPER hot!  Jamundí always hits 95ish degrees in the day and the humidity on top of that is rough.  But it was a good day.  We talked for a while with our mission leader on what to do concerning our trio.  We started making lots of plans to go in divisions with members so we could work both my area and the other Elder's area.  Also that night i walked in front of a motorcycle and almost got hit!  I was just fast enough to dodge it!  Phew!  Also, that night at 11pm the APs called and said "Elder Welch!  We have a companion for you!  His name is Elder Yujra (pronounced joo hra) !"  So that was a surprise! 

Wednesday morning we left early to go to the terminal by 7am to get Yujra.  He's 20 years old, from La Paz Bolivia, he is super kind, and used to be Elder Bello's companion!  That night Colombia beat Brazil in a match for the America Cup that's going on right now and everyone went NUTS.  Everyone with a motorcyle got in a huge group and honked their horns all dang night!  They waved flags and partied forever!  That night we got a text saying we had to go to the chapel in Cali for a multi zone conference. 

So Thursday that's what we did!  It was strongly focused in family history and temples!  The mission has a new tri-weekly class for people to go and work on their family history.  It'll be cool, and hopefully will help us get some new investigators!  I was secretly hoping the whole time President Pricoli would be like "SURPRISE!  WE'RE GOING ON A MISSION TEMPLE TRIP IN OCTOBER!" or at least "WE HAVE DOMINOS!"  but nahhh.  We also got these ugly B.E.E. Missionaries jersies and yelled a lot, it was cool! 

Friday was a harder day.  We walked all over my area and found no body home!  Between lots of things, Im feeling super stressed and anxious right now.  But you know, what ever haha.  Mission life. 

Saturday was pretty good!  the new zone leaders Elder Donoso and Elder Cortes came to revise our house, then came with Yujra and I to find a few people in my area!  By the end of the day we had 5 new investigators!  It was a super good day!  It felt good to have a productive day, lifted the spirits. 

Sunday was fathers day!  Happy fathers day Dad!  And Grandpa!  it was also a very very strange day for me.  During sacrament meeting, one of the investigators of Bello and Dalton came, but she didnt want to come in.  SHE WANTED TO TALK TO ME.  And just me!  She said she had some specific questions.  For me!  I was so confused.  They told her we'd call her because i was sitting with investigators and she left.  I still have no clue why she wanted me, and what her questions were but we're gonna call her again tonight.  Weird!  After church a member invited us to lunch and we watched a church fireside he had and then went to ward counsel.  It was an extended counsel to make the ward emergency plan and it took 3 HOURS!  i didn't know why we were suppose to be there, but we threw in our 2 cents here and there.  The refreshment was a potato and sausage for everyone which i didnt understand but it's cool. 
Today Elder Dalton and I went to Downtown Cali today and bought some nice 10,000 peso ties (like 4 dollars and surprisingly good quality) and then some 20,000 peso Colombia jersies (like 8 dollars).  The jersies are obviously fakes but theyre nicer fakes if that makes sense.  Colombia stuff.  But man, it has been an interesting week!  I just hope we can get the area back on it's feet!  Love you all, and have a great week!

Elder Welch

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