Tuesday, June 9, 2015

06-02-15 to 06-08-15 El Trio!

So this was a pretty good week!  Ive enjoyed working with Elder Dalton and Elder Bello. Tuesday we had to go to Cali for our district meetings and mine district meeting was honestly comical haha.  My district consists of me, bello and Dalton.  We did the whole thing in English to help out Elder Bello and it was actually really hard for me!  I'm so used to the Spanish vocab of things!  An interesting lesson we had was with the mom of one of my investigators that the other Elder's are teaching, and she's super great!  But her dad is 93 years old and has lost his marbles.  He's hilarious!  He told us he's 130 years old and has been to heaven twice!  He told us he met the holy virgen, and drank beer with Jesus!  He's hysterical!  

Wednesday was cool.  We started the day going to Armando's finca, or i guess in English, farm.  We discussed the probability of Paul and other apostoles having wives.  it was a good time.  He also taught me a bit how to play Stairway to Heaven on the guitar so my dreams are nearly realized!  That night we had a lesson with Bello and Dalton's golden family and they were pretty great.  We taught the plan of salvation and they were super receptive.   

Thursday was fairly average but good.  We got a teaching pattern down together and now i get to talk more!  Finally!  Also, Dalton and I were discussing how Elder C leaving has really just ruined our attitudes and we've been kinda down lately so i just said "WE NEED TO STOP" and walked up and knocked on some door.  they denied us but i didnt care!  I tried!  So we're trying to get back into our grooves.  Something great about the mission is it straight up screams in my face all my weaknesses.  For example, i always thought of myself as an outgoing confident person, but i guess i'm kinda scared to street contact!  But these weaknesses being so clear to me help me to grow and learn!  RAD!

Friday was Tayler and Stephen's anniversary!  I remembered!  Happy anniversary you two!  Honestly Friday kinda bummed me out.  So we had a zone meeting at 2pm in Cali so we had to leave at 1pm to get there on time.  The meeting was kinda focused a lot in where we're failing which was honestly kinda hard on me for some reason.  Its just been kind of a bummer since C left, and being told we're not doing enough was rough.  But we also learned how to work as a team which was really good.  Something nice is i always reflect on where i need to be better at meetings like that.  But man it was kind of a rough day for me.  I just felt like ive been coming up short a lot.  I also found out my best investigator probably won't get baptized so I dont know.  Just a harder day of the mission.  Don't have many of those! 

Saturday was a good picker-upper day.  we had 5 lessons!  Something interesting was that one of our investigators has a daughter with Schizophrenia, so she came in screaming profanity at her mom and things about how she is getting money from the U.S. and how she doesnt deserve it then 10 min later she came in all normal and laughing at nothing!  I wasnt sure what to do but it was okay.  Sad to see things like that.  But it was a pretty good day. 

Sunday was great!  Between our 2 areas, we got 8 investigators to come to church!  It was exciting!  The chapel was also so full that the deacons were scrambling about to find chairs for everyone!  pretty good problem to have i say.  Yesterday our best lesson was that night with an investigator named Vi.  He's a super cool dude and we taught him the restoration.  Him and his girlfriend were honestly kind of skeptical but said it make's sense and that theyll pray and read.  I think theyre good and ready.   Also, last night was nuts in the streets!  Cali's big soccer team Deportivo de Cali beat Medellin in some final and everyone was going crazy partying!  Everyone was dancing in the street waving flags of the team, music was blasting every where, people were lighting off tons of fireworks and every with a car, motorcycle, or trumpet was making a whole lot of noise!  They went all night.  It was crazy! 

Today for PDay we went to Cali and played soccer with a ward then we went and I ate McDonalds again.  Its such a treat to eat a Big Mac i'll tell you what.  But yeah that was my week.  It was a lot of up and down, with a lot of reflecting.  But it was good.  Im glad i have time to think a bit about how im going in my mission.  Love you all!  Adelante!
Elder Welch
Almost every week, Jake answers questions I email to him and this week I asked why he bought the backpacking chair that he mentioned last week. This was his response. He cracks me up :)
" ive already used it sooo much!  lots of people here dont have enough chairs for all of us so i just tell them, "NO SE PREOCUPE SOY PREPARADO!  SOY UN BOY SCOUT!""

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