Monday, June 15, 2015

06-09-15 to 06-15-15 El Trio Round 2

Tuesday was rough, all our appointments fell through and we just ended up walking a ton.

Wednesday was pretty good!  We went to the village Terranova to do some tracting and we knocked a TON of doors.  We always knock doors there just because everyone is super receptive there!  We got in a few houses and ended the day with 4 different investigators!   Something funny was when we walked up to a house, a HUGE dog ran out and barked at us and [Elder] Dalton was scared out of his wits!  While we were laughing the people inside laughed too and let us in!  Thanks dog. 

Thursday was pretty cool.  We went to a neighborhood called Amigos 2000 that's pretty far and met some dude named Alberto.  At first we thought he was super Catholic because he has a ton of imagines in his house like of the virgin and the archangel miguel crushing satan and stuff but he was super interested and even came to church Sunday!  he's a cool guy!  All the work we've been doing makes me feel a lot better this week.  Even though my legs and feet kill haha.  Also, that night i finished reading JESUS THE CHRIST!  Such an excellent book of Christ.  AND the longest book ive ever read!  792 pages! 

Friday was a bummer because i woke up sick!  I was super congested and snuffy and was sneezing and coughing.  We went out and worked for a bit and then i came back to the house to rest for an hour before our appointment that night. 

Saturday was a very good day for a couple reasons!  So we got a new investigator before lunch which is always satisfying.  On our way to a lesson we stopped at La 14, a big store and i bought a new umbrella!  Finally!  Now i wont get soaked anymore!  That night we stopped at a member named Bernardo Ospina.  He and his family are the best.  Since they lived in Canada they speak fluent English so we just spoke in English the whole time hahah.  I was kinda feeling down that day just thinking of how bad things went down in Jamundi just because of the circumstances my area is dead now.  But Brother Ospina told me that he knows im a good missionary and that im working and he said that maybe it was all part of the Lord's plan.  Just made me feel lots better.  So it was a good picker upper.  Thanks Bernardo! 

Sunday was a WONDERFUL Sabbath day.  We had 7 people attend church which was super cool.  But on top of that the youth got to bare their testimonies on the recent temple trip they just got back from!  (note they only get to go once maybe twice a year).  Wow, the youth are powerful here.  I was choked up the whole time. Easily the most spiritual sacrament meeting of my mission up to this point.  Also, I just appreciate the holiness and beauty of the temple so much more now.  It is the house of the Lord.  I would give anything to go.

That same night, transfers came!  They were honestly super anti-climactic.  Im staying in Jamundi and im still with Elder Dalton and Elder Bello in a Trio!  Bummmmer haha.  I honestly wanted a new comp and maybe even a new area.  But ill do what the Lord asks of me.  Good news is i just inherited a lot of good investigators!  So i'll get to baptize in Jamundi!  USA!

Today i went with Elder Dalton to his old area (in the limits of our zone) and said bye to his son (the missionary he trained) who's going to Ipiales!  I also got to send with him letters to H and Mag, Antonio and the Vidal family!  So this week was much better.  The Trio lives on, and we're gonna kill it this transfer!  Love you all!  Hope your week goes well!

Elder Welch
No pictures AGAIN! I'll have to beg I guess...

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