Monday, July 18, 2016

07-11-16 to 07-18-16 Gold mines and civil unrest

This week has been super good!  We're finding a TON of people that have been super prepared by the Lord.   

Monday we had 2 crazy lessons. 
The first was with Li the girl from Cali.  Well she's not doing so good.  It was the first time we talked after the week at MLC.  She started telling us about her "visions" she's been having and how she thinks she's a prophet.  She kept telling us that we need to forget about Joseph Smith and only talk about Jesus.  But we almost never talk about Joseph but we ALWAYS talk about Jesus.  Kind of frustrating and weird...
The other lesson was with a new family from Bogotá.  WOW.  We taught them and they were all SO attentive.  At the end, we threw out the baptismal invitation and they all accepted full heartedly. 

Tuesday we were supposed to go to Pasto for out interviews with President, but all those truckers that are protesting the new toll booths on the Panamericana Highway set up a HUGE and dangerous blockade.  So we couldn't leave the city.  A member who's a trucker was stuck in it so we called to see how the situation was going and we could hear a ton of yelling.  He said they're all fighting there and someone even died. WOAH.  So no interviews haha. But we had a really, really good lesson Tuesday with a reference of our pensionista.  Our pensionista said she was at the store in front when her neighbor came and she felt impressed to talk to her.  She shared the gospel and BAM a super solid reference.  It's another family, so we talked about temples and eternal families.  They're SUPER excited to listen to us. 

Wednesday we had a solid lesson with our investigator San.  He's the nonmember son of one of our recent convert families.  We're trying REALLY hard to get him to baptism because he's more interested lately than he's ever been and is beginning to progress.  Hopefully he'll get there soon.  He says he's not feeling worthy yet for baptism. 

Thursday we had divisions with the Elders in Galan 1 (the area where i started the mission). It was a pretty alright day.  In the morning Elder Herrera and I had to go with a member from Cali to all the houses in the zone to fumigate.  But it was actually kind of intense because we couldn't get to 2 houses, because the trucker riot decided to walk through Ipiales to block the border with Ecuador.  There were HUNDREDS all walking on the main road.  The farmers are fighting them because the blockade doesn't allow them to sell their produce, so we saw a couple of pretty badly beaten farmers. All day in divisions nothing really crazy happened.  it was cold and that night we did a baptismal interview for the other area in my branch. 

Friday was good and bad.  We had to drop Li.  She's just too crazy and won't listen.  She decided that God sent us to her so SHE could change US.  Nope.  But that night we visited Cris, the reference of our pensionista, and we got to teach their family.  We're really excited about them!

Saturday we had a lot of spiritual lessons.  The best one was probably with Cris and her mom.  We taught the Restoration and they understood it REALLY well, and committed to read and pray. 

Sunday was great because we had 8 people come to church!  Including Cris and her sister, the Muñoz family that we taught Monday and E.  It was just a really solid day and everyone was so happy!!  I know that here soon we're gonna have a LOT of baptisms, and I just feel so happy that everyone is progressing so much!  But dang it sure is making the time fly.  I can't believe i only have 8 weeks left.  But trust me.  I'm gonna make it count. 
Love you all, have a SUPER week! 

Elder Welch

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