Monday, July 25, 2016

07-18-16 to 07-25-16 Reunion in Ipiales!

This week has been a good one!  Not as rad as the last, but at the same time great haha.

Monday we had a great lesson with the Muñoz family!  They're just SO excited to be baptized and the mom said that when we knocked on her door, she was passing through some REALLY hard trials and strong feelings of loneliness.  so she KNOWS it was from God.  We're so grateful!

Tuesday was good.  Full of lessons.  Sadly that same day i got a weird zit inside my nose wayyy back that decided to get infected so my nose was BRIGHT red hahaha I felt like rudolph.  How embarrassing.  Elder Reeve, an Elder in my zone called it "Snake Repellent" haha! 

Wednesday we had divisions with Elder Reeve and Elder Mayorga from the Fronterra area.  It was Colombia's independence day, so there were a TON of soldiers in the main plaza with tanks.  Pretty cool, wish i brought my camera with me!  One of the tank drivers is a member!  We also had a branch activity that day.  It was a "field day" type event but indoors because of the rain and cold.  That night Elder Reeve and I went to the Gua family and tried to get them on a date for baptism, but they still don't feel ready.  That night we chilled out in the apartment and played guitar.  it was cool because Elder Reeve and I like the EXACT same music.  He's even heard of the Moth & the Flame! 

Thursday a good part of the day we went with President Pico, from Bogotá visiting the youth of Ipiales.  He's in charge of Seminaries and Institutes in Colombia and travels ALL over trying to get the youth to go to their classes!  That night we visited with Cris and she's doing really well.  She accepted to be baptized, but she's not married to her husband so we're gonna have to work on that first. 

Friday I woke up and my eye was completely swollen shut!  The day before I had a zit thing (now i think it might've been a bite) below my eyebrow, and it HURT! So i called sister Pricoli and went to the hospital.  It was rad because I ran into Brother Diaz, my first branch president in the mission (he's a doctor) so he took me to a doctor, got me a diagnostic and some prescriptions all free!  What a score!  So the rest of the day i felt kind of goofy, haha.  Worst yet, I ran into a LOT of people that i havent seen since i started the mish. 

Saturday my eye was a lot better, and I could finally teach without people bothering me haha.  All day we commited people to coming to church and had some family home evenings.

Sunday was the type of Sunday missionaries dream of haha.  The Muñoz family came to church and this time stayed the 3 hours.  They all loved it, especially the 16 year old.  She said "I LOVED THE CLASSES I WANT TO GET BAPTIZED NOW!!!" music to a missionaries ears!  That night we taught them and they're progressing so much.  as soon as they heard about the Word of Wisdom, coffee is PROHIBITED in their house!  oh yeah!  In the afternoon, we ate dinner with Elsa Montenegro, my old pensionista!  It was fun to talk with everyone again.  Also, we had to do a baptismal interview in the church and i ran into almost everyone from Galan!  sadly, none of my 3 converts in Ipiales are active, so i couldnt say hi to them. 

Today we had lunch with Albert and his family!  My comp made a Bolivian dish.  Man, this is the last week of the transfer, and the last week with Herrera.  He's kind of nervous.  But all is well, we're still working our butts off! 
Love you all!

Elder Welch

 "Albert, my first Mission Leader"

"The Montenegro family! 
(Sister Elsa was my pensionista when i started the mission)" 

"Playing "parqués""

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