Monday, July 4, 2016

06-28-16 to 07-04-16 HAPPY FOURTH!

When I told him our plans for the 4th of July, this was his response:
"today we made hot dogs and listened to the national anthem on repeat" :)
Wow so this week was kind of a fight against the immune system, and the area!  Not gonna lie, I do NOT remember day by day like I usually do haha so I'll just try my best to remember. 

This week I've STILL been sick, and my body has been all over the place haha some days i've had a wicked cough, other days a super runny nose and the sneezes, others i've felt really weak etc etc.  But i've kept going!  For the work of the Lord! Thank goodness I'm to an occasional unimportant cough so I'm good! 
This week we've been struggling to get lessons and new investigators.  We've walked a LOT and Ipiales has some gnarly hills haha.  It's good exercise haha.  But we have some really good investigators. 

One that's close to baptism is named San.  He's the 12 year old son of a less active family but he's really smart and responsible.  The problem there is that his dad isn't member and likes to take him to mass in the cathedral, so he has to have a talk about baptism so his dad can support him.  But his mom is a member and of course is on board.

Another investigator we have is named Li, and she's from Cali.  We found her accidentally last week knocking doors but she turned out to be REALLY good.  She used to be Evangelist, but fell away and is now looking for a church.  She has a really strong faith in Christ and always asks that we talk a lot about Jesus.  We had a really good lesson this week where she was kind of pouring out her heart to us about how she's frustrated with her weaknesses.  I shared the most heartfelt testimony that I could quoting scriptures from Ether 12 and Alma 36.  The Spirit was really strong and she admitted to feeling it.  We're trying to help her accept the Book of Mormon, because we know that'll help her find answers to all her problems. 

The last investigator I'll mention is named E.  He's our next door neighbor, and he says he was baptized 25 years ago as a child but we can't find his papers in the system, so i think he was lost a way back.  He's a funny dude, and really likes the fact that we come from other countries just to share the Gospel.  He's been inactive for YEARS but is starting to come to church again and LOVES it.  Sunday he got up in testimony meeting and said crying "I know this is the true church.  And i want to stay."  So we're gonna see if we can't find his papers, and if not, baptize him again!

All in all I'm happy here in Ipiales!  The weather is cold, the people are humble and the culture is rich.  Much work to be done :)

Elder Welch

I have some good pics but next week you'll have to see because the computer won't let me upload.. bleh

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