Monday, June 27, 2016

06-20-16 to 06-27-16 Ipiales!

Wow it's been so good to be back in Ipiales.  I sure do love it here.  It's been a busy week haha the life of a zone leader i guess.

Monday was just traveling.  Bleck I hate that 14 hour bus ride. 

Tuesday we had our first district meeting!  Our district has 8 Elders, and all the missionaries are pretty good!  I'm hoping we can all work really hard together. 
Something rad is I got to see Albert that day!  He was my mission leader when i first started the mission and we spent a lot of time with his family.  It feels good to be able to express myself in Spanish this time around haha.  Something cute is his wife Flor asked their little girl Estrella if she remembered me, (shes like 5 now) and she said no.  Then Flor said "You don't remember Elder Welch?  He gave you a CTR ring!"  and she said "It's the same Elder Welch?!" hahaha. 

But man, it feels good to be in a good area with a companion that supports me in the work. We've been talking with lots of families in the street and have been teaching with POWER!  I love it! 

Wedesday we walked A LOT haha but it was the semi finals of Chile vs Colombia in the American Cup so no one could listen to us. Also i ran into Patriarch Coral!  My very first pensionista! 

Thursday We had a lot of good lessons.

Friday we had to do a HUGE errand.  We had to do the 18 hour round trip in bus to go to Popayan because my comp had a problem with his passport.  What a long trip.  But it was cool to at least go because it's a super famous tourist place. (look it up on Google.)

Saturday I got sick.  Probably because the climate change,  But I still worked hard.

Man sorry im way out of time today, my comp took forever to get ready and we got to internet late so I lost time.  BUT JUST KNOW I'M HAPPY AND WE HAVE GOOD INVESTIGATORS! 

Love you all! 

Elder Welch

"The Largacha family (the family who fed us in Palmira)"

"Me in the street in Palmira!"

 "Some mission buddies from my same group"

"The chapel in Ipiales"

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